The Ultimate Ceiling Superset (Part 5 of 7): 80 ELEMENTAL "FANTASY" TEXTURES

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The Ultimate Ceiling Superset (Part 5 of 7): 80 ELEMENTAL "FANTASY" TEXTURES

Apartment Life gives Simmers the option to use Floor Tiles as Ceilings. However, most of the Maxis/EA Floor Tiles do not look good as ceilings. So...I give you the Ultimate Ceiling Superset! (If you do NOT have Apartment Life, See the "Alternative Ceilings" Section Below).

A Brief History
I know...I know...Ceiling SUPERSET? Really? It all started innocent enough with me needing a few ornate ceilings for my Gwrych Collection. Seeing that necessity is the mother of invention...I had to create what doesn't already exist in a complete set. Besides...methinks these sets are downloads you won't realize you need until you actually start using them. Ceilings and floor tiles are not quite the same and while some of the Maxis and User Created floor tiles are good enough to use as ceilings, ceiling tiles need a to be a bit more 3D. So, I sought out as many ceiling samples as I could find and created others to meet my current and future lot design needs. Basically, I needed a bit more variety. So...thus was born the Ultimate Ceiling Superset! The neat thing is these ceiling tiles are really most (but not all) would look WONDERFUL as floor tiles. There are also a few walls used in the Elemental Texture Set and the Sistine Chapel Texture Set. Basically, there is quite a bit of diversity to this collection which took weeks to pull together and make presentable as not only do you have hundreds of SEAMLESS ceilings, a few SEAMLESS walls and a few SEAMLESS terrains...but you also get the Sistine Chapel Community Lot, as well as sensible texture file names and collection files for each set! enjoy the downloads!


About the Ultimate Ceiling Superset:
The Ultimate Ceiling Superset is massive collection of 632 Textures. There are 7 parts in this collection.
Part 1: CLICK the following LINK to See/Download the 95 TEXTURED Ceiling Floor Textures!
Part 2: CLICK the following LINK to See/Download the 212 TIN Ceiling Floor Textures!
Part 3: CLICK the following LINK to See/Download the 48 WOOD Ceiling Floor Textures! (Includes 2 Complimentary Matching Walls)
Part 4: CLICK the following LINK to See/Download the 60 STONE Ceiling Floor Textures!
Part 5: This DOWNLOAD contains the 80 ELEMENTAL FANTASY Wall, Ceiling/Floor and Terrain Textures!
Part 6: CLICK the following LINK to See/Download the 137 SISTINE CHAPEL Wall and Ceiling/Floor Textures!
Part 7: CLICK the following LINK to See/Download The Sistine Chapel Community Lot!


About This Collection: 80 ELEMENTAL "FANTASY" TEXTURES

This set contains 16 Ceiling/Floor tiles in all 3 sizes (1x1, 2x2 and 5x5) totaling 48 files. There are also 16 Elemental Terrains and 16 Elemental Walls in this set. The "Elements" represented are represent dirt, fire, ice, water, leaves, sky, stars and stone. The Ceiling/Floor tiles are located under the MISC Icon (with the exception of the 2 Stone Textures, which can be found under the STONE Icon). The Walls are located under the POURED Icon and the Terrains under the TERRAIN Icon. Each Elemental texture is 3 Simoleons.



* Just so you'll know...Terrains cannot be added to Collection Files, so simply click on Terrains to access the Elemental "Fantasy" Terrains.
* This set is NOT meant to be "realistic", but was designed with Fantasy, Fairy Tale or Sci-fi in mind. While the 1x1 Floor matches the walls, the 2x2 Floor, 5x5 Floor and the terrains should be viewed moreso as independent EXTRAS. The EXTRAS are designed to compliment the 1x1 Wall/Floor Set! And while these are mainly "Fantasy" textures, I'm sure you can find a multitude of REALISTIC uses for the textures as well. At any rate, do enjoy the downloads!


;bunny:Be sure to check out the other ELEMENTAL "FANTASY" TEXTURE Images at the end of this Post.


Apartment Life gives you the option of painting your ceiling using floor tiles. While you do not need Apartment Life to use these textures, you can only paint your ceilings if you have Apartment Life. EPs before Apartment Life do not give you the option of painting your ceilings.

The Ultimate "Ceiling" Collection are floor tiles. If you don't have Apartment Life, you can still use any of the tiles seen in this collection "AS FLOORS".

With that said...

Note: You will need the MESH from the first link by jgwhiteus for the ceiling recolours in all the other links to work properly. From my understanding, these ceilings are resource hungry, so it is best to use them only if you have an above standard computer system. Also, you must place each tile 1 at a time (which can be pretty time consuming for larger rooms). In all honesty, I think it is much more practical to own Apartment Life if you desperately want to have ceilings in your game. I sound like a Poster Child for Maxis/EA!


Disclaimer and Previews:

I doubled up on many of the ceiling/floor tiles in the images as there is a limit as to how many images one can have and as usual my sets are massive! Which means the images are merely to show you what is available for download, not to show you how to use the textures. The presentation for the textures in the main images is not necessarily how I would have presented them if I presented a smaller set. So...

Click on the link below to view a few samples of the ELEMENTAL ceiling/floor textures being used in the Eberhart Mansion!
Eberhart Mansion Revision Image Slideshow
Click the following link to download the Eberhart Mansion with revised ceilings!
Eberhart Mansion Revision Download


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