Tiny Texture Replacers Combined

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Uploaded 11th Nov 2010 at 11:32 AM · Updated 21st Jun 2011 at 3:29 PM by HystericalParoxysm

What does this do?

This is a combined version of all my currently-available tiny texture replacing mods. I have put all the resources into a single .package file, for increased performance (the more packages you have, the more lag you can get) and for ease of downloading.

Whenever I add new tiny texture replacers (or remove ones no longer needed), I will update this thread - so if you like using my tiny texture replacers, you'll only need to re-download one file when it's updated.

Currently, this includes:

If you are already using my other tiny texture replacers, you need to remove all of the individual package files for them (should be easy to find if you sort your files by name: they all start with "No" - well, except for one) and just use this one single file.

Fixed - Hopefully:

If you downloaded the file within the first few hours of it being up, please delete the version you have, and download a fresh one. Some of the effects weren't working, and I hope I have fixed everything. For some reason they went wonky on combining and fixing it has been a real pain. I -think- everything works now but with the luck I've been having with this damn thing, I'm sure something else is somehow wrong.

If you have any problems, first, delete the version you have and download the new file from the thread here. It's a rar now - the old one was a 7Z.

If you still have problems even after you've downloaded a fresh version, please post and let me know. If you do, please tell me the specific effect that has issues. Just saying "it doesn't work" won't help me.

My apologies for any pain-in-the-assery.


While three parts of this mod require expansions (No 0101s requires Ambitions, No Vvvs and No Vampire Neck Tattoo require Late Night), this mod should still work just fine with the base game - you don't get those effects anyway, so they should be ignored.

As long as there are no MAJOR changes to the way DDS images are handled by the game (VERY unlikely!) then this mod and all my tiny texture replacers should be fully compatible with ALL game versions and patches, backwards and forwards, forever. These aren't real "mods" but just transparent replacements to the textures used for these effects. As such, there is very little potential for any kind of conflicts or issues, as long as you don't have another mod that replaces the very same texture.

Other Combinations?

I will NOT be doing other combinations of this mod - please don't ask for a version just like this but without one of the effects. I really don't feel like doing a bunch of different combinations. If you just want SOME of these effects removed, then download the individual mods and combine them yourself in s3pe. It's very easy to do... Just open one file and import from package to import the resources from all the rest.

Additional Credits:
Peter, Inge, Delphy, and your mom.