Ushi Yang - Asian Beauty

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Hey Guys , I present to you Ushi A young adult about 23 years old.She born in shang simla at the age of seventeen she travailed to sun set Vally.After finishing the university she works as a secretary,now she is looking for a boyfriend.

: You will have to get CAS Sliders by Drakah to make the sim appear good.Otherwise, her face will snap to normal ranges (most likely her face shape) and she won't look sexy anymore.
CAS Sliders by Drakah :
Custom contents are NOT included


* Loves the outdoors
* Charismatic
* Family oriented
* Friendly
* Neat


* Stir-Fry
* Chinese
* Spice Berry

Custom Content :

* Skin tone and face :
* Defult eye Replacment :
* ( Every day,Formal,Sport Wear ) Free Hair :
* Satin tank top , low rise boot cut jeans , Baby doll Dress :
* Asian Eye bags :

Note : Special thanks to @Stefan for using the Scarlett Johansson Mask after telling her don't forget to download :

How to install:

Extract the sim. file from the zip.
Place in My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/SavedSims.
In the game, go to the Premade Sims Bin in Create A Sim (CAS).

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