Sentosa one

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Uploaded: 8th Dec 2010 at 3:37 AM
Updated: 12th Dec 2010 at 8:45 PM by Zandvoort
Hello Simmers!

Have you seen The Shoveler's ''Tangga house'' and ''Singapore fish house'' yet? No? Well, it's worth to take a look at it, and he also inspired me to remake a house from Guz Architects (Maybe I'll do more)

Well, I only had 3 concept sketches to work with, and one of that sketches was a tinklewinkle small floorplan picture. But on that picture I could see that there were an elevator, carport, courtyard, pool, guest bed and bath and an outdoor living.
It's not exaclty as the floorplans are, since basegame doesn't got elevators and it's impossible to make an elevator go into a roof-room (hehe :p). I think there is a room above since normal people don't sleep in guest bedroom's at their own house, right?

Anyway, I've made a split stairs to the upper level that's in the roof, beneath the stairs there's a bathroom, but the bathtub is under the split part of the stairs, so it's not useable , but don't worry, there's a guest bathroom your sims can use

1st floor:
Great room (Living, kitchen, dining)
Bathroom (W/the un-useable bathtub)
Outdoor living

2nd floor:
2 Roofgardens

The house is build on a 20x40 lot and costs: §113.273 F. and § 67.532 UF.

CC used:
Madonna kitchen by hudy777
New York living room by hudy777 (Coffee table)
Chicago livingroom by hudy777 (Two-seaters in livingroom, chair in bedroom)
CAST yourself a painting! by armiel (not necessary to download)
Modern rugs by cmomoney

I hope you enjoy the house!

Lot Size: 4x2
Lot Price: In text

Custom Content Included:
- Thin square columns in fractional heights (x1.00) by The Shoveler

Additional Credits:
Guz Architects for their awesome designs
Shoveler for the inspiration
Simmiler for telling me I forgot the link to the modern rugs.