Simple Waste Paper Basket

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Uploaded: 5th Dec 2010 at 12:40 AM
Updated: 23rd Nov 2011 at 11:28 PM by whiterider
This object IS compatible with patch 1.26/1.27/Pets!

I'm a stylish, glamourous chick, so it makes sense that my first finished object would be a bin. But no, wait - it's not a bin, it's a waste paper basket. I am absolutely horrified at the selection of bins provided by EA - it's either a pedal-action kitchen bin, a town council recycling bin, or some weirdly-shaped tatty old thing which looks like it belongs in an abandoned stop smoking clinic. I wouldn't put a one of them in my living room, let alone my study!

So, to remedy this, I set out to create a nice, normal, simple, indoor bin for all your simmies' screwed-up-post-it-note needs. In fact I started this project six months ago, eventually abandoned it (geostates are evil), and then revived it a few days ago upon stumbling across a post by orangemittens which made it all make sense. Thanks, orangemittens!

I am proud to say that the result is a very pretty waste paper basket, complete with working empty and full states (and a full texture which doesn't look like the bottom of a river).

It is called "Simple Waste Paper Basket", can be found in Kitchen -> Disposal or in Appliances -> Misc, and costs ยง25.

It comes in four presets - wicker, gold-ish coloured tin, wood effect*, and tacky IKEA. It is of course recolourable, with two channels - the main body and the lip - just in case none of the above appeal.

* Not actual wood. Not actual effect. Not actual bin. May crack if stared at.

And unlike its EA counterparts, the simple waste paper basket actually looks good in any domestic setting!

Policy: Remesh, retexture, rehash, include, put it on your head and run around pretending to be a robot - do as you will, just keep it free, and give me credit with a link back to this page, or to my profile.
If you want to edit this, you can find meshes (ms3d) and textures (psd) in my journal.

Polygon Counts:
LOD1: 306
LOD2: 57

Additional Credits:
orangemittens, for unintentionally telling me how to fix this; HP, for making that cute little carpenter achievement that I want SO DAMN MUCH; and purplepaws, for the lovely carpet patterns in the pics.