[05/12] Jenesis' All Buyable Fish/Books/Fruits Mods (Compatible with Patch 1.63-1.67)

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Uploaded: 10th Dec 2010 at 8:35 AM
Updated: 13th Apr 2014 at 8:27 AM
05-12-2013 Some small changes:
Jenesis_AllFishBuyable --> EP11 fish (Three Eyes Fish and Rainbow Snail) are now available on all worlds type.
Jenesis_SkillsFishRecipesBuyable --> EP11 Bot Building skill books are now available in all worlds type (except vacation worlds).

24-10-2013 Only the fruit mod that still compatible with Patch 1.63. The book and fish mod get updated to Patch 1.63.

The original version of this mod was by Jenesis, who has been inactive for a while. So I have just updated her mods to work with the new 1.17 patch. Jenesis' original version is here:
Buyable All Fruits , Buyable All Fish , Buyable All Books
I already ask her for permission and she said okay.

Buyable All Fruits: this mod allow you to buy the rare fruits and vacation location exclusive fruits in the home world. To compensate this, I make the unlocked rare fruits more expensive (10x EA default prices). Some changes:
1. add Glow Orb, Spotlight Mushrooms, Red Toadstools, Mycenas, Mandrake, Red Valerian and Wolfbane to buy list at grocerystore.
2. Honey can be mixed into nectar.
3. Horse Fertilizer ($5) and Unicorn Fertilizer ($20) buyable at grocerystore (in unnamed tab).

Buyable All Fish: this mod makes all the Home neighbourhood fish and all location-specific fish buyable at any food store in the world, even those that are not normally buyable (i.e. you'd have to go fishing to catch them).

Buyable All Books: this mod makes all books, including recipes and the new EP skill books, are available to buy in the home neighbourhood and all vacation books are available in all vacation neighbourhoods.

Just put the package file into your Mods\Packages folder.

For fruits mod, I modify the Ingredients (918403294B7A0B63) XML file, this will conflict with other mods that modify same file such as Cooking Overhaul Mod.

For fish mod, I modify the Fishing (90142107481DE889) XML file, this will conflict with other mods that modify same file such as longer fishing mod or deathfish fishing anywhere mod.

For books mod, I modify the Books (C2D9D4BE5390D589) XML file, this will conflict with other mods that modify same file such as speed reading mod.

Peter L. Jones for s3pe.
Jenesis for her original mods.
SimsMX for his Missing Skill Books & Other Fixes mod, as I includes some changes from that mod.