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Jetsons Sign Upgrade, with 34 Recolours

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Uploaded: 14th Dec 2010 at 8:26 PM
Updated: 18th Dec 2010 at 7:35 PM - Textual clarification
Title: Jetsons Sign Upgrade, with 34 Recolours


1) To inspire the creation of more Jetsons style lots by providing a large set of Jetsons sign recolours. These new files are all contained in Jetsons Sign.zip.

2) To remap the sign so that it is fully reversible - this avoids the need to overlap the signs back to back in order to have readable text on each side.

3) To make the Jetsons sign set Basegame compatible, including support for visibility from the neighbourhood view.

4) To significantly shrink the filesize of the master object and its recolours.

Important Notes for Users of the Original Object

The original master file and this replacement use the same GUID and filename, so please overwrite the old file with the new. In addition there were three external recolours in the original release that should be deleted from your Downloads folders. The files to delete are: Jetsons Sign Recolor 5.package, Jetsons Sign Recolor 6.package, and Jetsons Sign Recolor 7.package.

When you first re-enter any lots that previously used the original object please recolour the sign to the desired texure. You may also want to remove the duplicate signs that were used to compensate for the original non-reversable texture maps.

General Description

The Jetsons sign is found in the residential and community catalogues in the Decorative Sculpture section, at a cost of §95. This object is intended to replace the original sign and recolours created by Jason Duskey and StephSim, as released in The Jetsons Neighborhood and Jetsons Build Set.

The signs are primarily designed to be placed on columns, used as sign posts. To do so, first place the column, set moveobjects on, use the PageUp key or mouse to select the "floor" level that represents the top of the column, then select the desired sign recolour from the catalogue and centre the sign on the top of the column.

A similar technique can be used to stack the columns, creating a very tall and suitably gravity defying post on which to place your sign. However, the game columns are too short to be stacked in this way - instead I suggest using either Numenor's or Jason Duskey's full height columns

As an alternative, two columns may be placed on either side of an empty tile with the sign bridging the space between them, forming an arch.

If you want the sign to be positioned very close to the ground or a flat roof, it can be placed directly on the smallest size coffe, dining, and end tables - such as the Blooms & Bloomers, G. Stylez, Here & There, Mini-Disco, and Visivue tables.

Terms of Use

You may include this object and its recolours in any uploaded lots, whether for free or pay. Please include a credit and link to this page. JetsonsSign_BLANK_Bitmap.zip provides an empty bitmap for convenience in making your own recolours.

Primary Credits

Mesh & Map - Jason Duskey - used by permission
Textures - StephSim
Object Creation & Reversible Map - Sophie-David
"Missing Links" is the creative partnership of StephSim and Sophie-David

Additional Credits

SimPE, PJSE, and CEP for Sims 2 object creation
Attribute Changer 6.20 by Romain Petges, used to sort the recolours alphabetically by filedate & time
IrfranView, Microsoft Paint and Microsoft Photo Editor for texturing, graphics file conversion, processing, and sizing
Numenor's AnyGameStarter, used for testing this project in several game environments
Apart from the two screenshots of the signs by themselves, all photos are of StephSim's Jetsons Neighbourhood lots.

Polygon Counts:
896 faces, 574 vertices