Sims 3 Priest Career - Full Time

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The most recent version of the NRaas Career mod can be found here. You will need this in order for the career to work. See this tutorial for help on how to create your own custom career.

*26/01/2011 - Now comes with a French Translation thanks to NotSo (updated for spelling mistake and gender fix 27th)
*27/01/2011 - Fixed an issue regarding job titles and gender - please re-download
*30/01/2011 - German Translations added. Thankyou Lizzylovesjasper
*22/04/2011 - Czech Translation added, Thankyou Kolikokoli
*07/07/2011 - Italian Translation added, Thankyou quuir98
*09/09/2011 - Polish Translation added, Thankyou Szymix
*14/09/2011 - Issue with Polish lettering fixed

So after months of work I've finally finished my second custom career: The Priest Career. The career is based around the Catholic church system, beginning with being a missionary and ending with being the Pope.

The career has 9 levels which reflect the standings of the Catholic church:


1. Missionary - §14/perhour 10AM-5:30PM on: Tu,W,Th,F,Sa
Whenever you go shopping there seems to be somebody shouting about repenting your sins. Well - congratulations! That's now you! The pay may not be generous, and the working conditions can be somewhat wet and windy but it's all about the faith. Right? Working on your charisma skill will help you to convince people and move you to the next level.

2. Lay Liturgist - §20/perhour 10AM-5PM on: Tu,W,Th,F,Su
Finally! Off the streets and into the nice warm Church. Choosing hymns, making felt banners and lighting candles now fall under your supervision... Menial? Perhaps. But them hymns are about God, those banners are about Jesus and them candles are about the Spirit. It's all about the Faith.

3. Seminarian - §27/perhour 10AM-5PM on: Tu,W,Th,F,Su
At last! Someone's finally going to explain what God is. Your job is just to try to understand. It's going to be a mean feat so you should brush up on your logic skill in order to get your head around it. Meanwhile keep practicing your public speaking, don't forget that the next step is trying to explain all this to someone else...

4. Minister - §35/perhour 9AM-3PM on: Tu,W,Th,Su
Okay so maybe you've figured out what God is... Well sort of, there's still lot to learn if you ever want to understand Him. But for now, focus on your charisma skill because you've got a lot of masses, christenings, weddings and various other religious occasions to speak at. Try not to mess up your words and remember that any good citizen of God's kingdom is light hearted and forgiving.

5. Monsignor - §50/perhour 9AM-3PM on: Tu,Sa,Su
You've finally been honoured by your superiors, and of course in the eyes of God. But don't forget, recognition comes with responsibility. Your flock should be learning from you, so try to convey the real meaning of God, the meaning you feel inside yourself. To do this make sure your charisma and logic skills are tip-top, but don't forget God in your home life. Relieve yourself of your sins and forget the material world to progress to the next level.

6. Bishop - §70/perhour 12NOON-4PM on: Tu,W,Sa,Su
Wohoa, Mr Big shot! You're practically on speaking terms with the Pope now, as you've done so well in your teaching and practicing. That's a good thing seeing as he decides who gets to become an Archbishop. Show him your devoutness through your work with your rapidly expanding flock and he may choose you!

7. Archbishop - §100/perhour 12NOON-4PM on: Tu,W,Sa,Su
Good work! There's definitely something about the way you speak that just inspires people. Everyone just gets what your on about, maybe because through your tireless effort with your logic skill, you've finally unlocked the mystery that is God. Just remember, God maybe the creator, but here on earth the Pope is the Boss man! He's the one who elects the Cardinals but he'll only choose you if you can demonstrate your faith and understanding. On the other hand, don't forget about your flock. Teaching is still to be done so remember to practice your charisma skill.

8. Cardinal - §150/perhour 12NOON-3PM on: Tu,W,Sa,Su
Your understanding of God is practically elite. Very few ever experience this type of connection with Him. The next step is just out of reach until you use your smooth talking charisma skill to convince your Co-Workers you should be elected as the next Pope. This will only happen if you can prove your connection with Him so keep working on your logic skill, in order to raise the bar and prove your Faith.

9. The Pope - §320/perhour 11AM-12:30PM on: M,T,W,Sa,Su
Remember the days spent shouting on the streets? I bet you never imagined you would be the sole head figure of the Catholic church. Your bond with God is so strong that many believe you are His incarnation on earth! Feel this connection and spread His word. Spread His love. Spread His joy. You may be off touring the world, living in the Vatican and delivering speeches to millions but don't forget your Faith. It's what brought you here.

Please note: descriptions change to become gender appropriate (Yes thats right, female sims can join the career too)

The career is based at City Hall (which I like to imagine contains a church of some kind) and focuses on the Logic and Charisma skills. Later on in the career a relationship with the Boss becomes important and, at the final promotion level, relationships with your Co-workers (seeing as the Cardinals elect the next Pope)
Please Note: This mod will only show at the EA City Hall, no CC Rabbitholes

The career involves all the usual tones (ie- work hard, take it easy ect.) and includes two custom tones that allow you to improve your Logic and Charisma skills at work, providing they already have at least one skill point in the subject. Sims may also sleep at work if they are extremely tired.

The career does use uniforms but they're just a mixture of the EA defaults. (So far as I know it's impossible to create a custom career uniform for sims 3 because the uniforms all have specialised _XML)

This mod has been tested, but only by myself (actually I had great fun testing this career, I made a Father Ted clan type thing... heheee), however custom careers are not usually known to cause any game problems If you do find any problems with the career please notify me ASAP.

Technical Stuff
* All languages will be displayed in English, as I am not a fluent enough speaker to translate. If you are willing to translate it into your language, I am willing to put them into the mod
* As with any custom career you will need Twallan's Careers Mod for this to work
* Because of restrictions by the game, and because of my lack of experience there are no opportunities or events in this career... Hopefully this can be changed in due course

To make your own...
Twallan at the simmers club exhange has a great Tutorial for Cutom Careers

Enjoy... :D

Additional Credits:
Twallan for his awesome Mods
The guys who created S3PE for their amazingness