(TS2 to TS3-ish) Ikea EKTORP Living Room Set

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Uploaded: 1st Jan 2011 at 11:33 PM
Updated: 20th Mar 2012 at 2:54 PM
EKTORP. EKTORP. EKTORP! Say it out loud! It's fun to say!

This is a conversion/adaptation of one of my favourite TS2 living room sets, from the Ikea Stuff Pack, to work in TS3. Even if you're not an Ikea fan, this set is still a nice, classic-shaped, mid-priced set - without looking too squishy or too stiff.

I know this had been converted before, but I'm sort of a stickler for things working right with CASt, so I decided to entirely remap the whole thing, removing the mirrored mapping that makes patterns look wonky, realigning it so plaids and so forth will repeat fairly well down the fronts of the cushions with the patterns lining up, patterns in the right directions down the sides, etc., and made a footstool (categorized as a coffee table) to round out the set. Pricing of the pieces included originally in TS2 is the same with my TS3 versions. I had to make up a price for the footstool, since I created that myself (there is a similar footstool in the real life EKTORP set by Ikea, but not in the Ikea SP).

The mapping isn't -exactly- perfect. Because they are rather complex shapes to both map properly and get to work right with CASt for all patterns, there are a couple spots that are very slightly wonky, but they're really not that noticeable in-game.

All pieces include the real EKTORP colours from Ikea (11 in total) and all are pictured. Default is bright red. My favourite is the dark brown suede. YUM!

All pieces are fully recolourable, take patterns well, and have 2 recolourable parts - the fabric, and the feet. I didn't take pictures of the feet because, to be honest, they're -really- hard to see, and tiny, but the original TS2 pieces had different coloured feet, so these do too.

Updated 20 Mar 2012

I have (finally) updated this set to do the rigfixing required for it to work properly with the 1.26 and greater patch levels. Please download the new files. It's too much of a pain to fix the sims3pack versions, so I've just removed those.

Set Includes:

4 pieces:

  • Category: Comfort/Living Chairs
  • Comfy: 25
  • Environment: 6
  • 460 Simoleons
  • Polygon Count: 887/1080 (Main) and 32/26 (Shadow) Vertices/Faces

  • Category: Comfort/Sofas
  • Comfy: 25
  • Environment: 8
  • 630 Simoleons
  • Polygon Count: 1207/1528 (Main) and 32/26 (Shadow) Vertices/Faces

  • Category: Comfort/Sofas
  • Comfy: 20
  • Environment: 9
  • 660 Simoleons
  • Polygon Count: 1487/1960 (Main) and 16/18 (Shadow) Vertices/Faces

  • Category: Surfaces/Coffee Tables
  • 110 Simoleons
  • 9 Slots (slightly staggered for realism)
  • Polygon Count: 602/754 (Main) and 32/26 (Shadow) Vertices/Faces

Polygon Counts:
(See above)

Additional Credits: S3PE SimPE TSRW
3DS Max