Fantasy Tavern signs

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Uploaded: 4th Jan 2011 at 6:57 PM
Updated: 4th Jan 2011 at 8:04 PM - added picture
What about some tavern signs for your medieval and Harry Potter neighbourhoods? All those signs that came with Late Night are modern looking and not very appropriate for medieval or even wizarding lots.
Now you have a choice! This is acctually a painting with 6 different designs visible from both sides, so it can be used as a sign (sort of) with „moveobjects on“. The writings are in simlish and the frame is recolorable.

1. a tankard – a simple sign for any medieval tavern
2. The Leaky Cauldron (a pub from Harry Potter series)
3. The Three Broomsticks (Hogsmeade tavern from Harry Potter)
4. Hog´s Head (an infamous inn from Harry Potter too)
5. Green Wywern (this should have been The Green Dragon fom Lord of the Rings but I liked the wywern better )
6. The Prancing Pony (an inn from The Lord of the Rings)

Found in Buy mode/Sort by Function/Decor/Wall Art.
Base Game compatible.
Price: 50
Polygon Count: the same as EA original mesh

Additional Credits:
Creators of S3PE and S3OC SIMale for the Simlish Font
cmomoney and orangemittens for painting tutorials
the original pony image is by Hill from Wikimedia Commons