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I Love Retro! (Part 3)

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Uploaded: 15th Jan 2011 at 12:14 PM
Updated: 19th Jan 2011 at 4:21 AM
Comfy Pajamas

The dishes from dinner have been washed and the children are tucked in bed. Now it's time for you to roll up your hair for the night and curl up in bed with the latest murder mystery novel. Frilly negligees are for honey moons and newly weds! When you've been married for a good period of time, you can still look sexy in a nice comfy pajama set.

The pajama set has three channels: shirt, pants and buttons. It is found in sleepwear.

This is a recolor of EA's scrubs mesh and of course...it has issues. If you make the breasts smaller (can't understand why you would want small boobs anyways) using the EA breast slider the chest area gets distorted in a weird way. This distortion causes the buttons area to shrink as if the boobs were eating them. However, the distortion can be prevented by using Delphy's or Jonha's boob slider instead.

Classic Swimsuit

Everyone loves the iconic look of the pin-up swimsuit! Your sim ladies can sport their beautiful swimsuits when they go on their Sunday trips to the beach. The swimsuits features a halter top tie and a classic sporty bottom.

There are two CASTing options for the swimsuits. Option one has main swimsuit, trim and straps. The second option has main swimsuit, front panel and trim/straps.

These are available in swimwear and maternity!

Skirt Bottom

In addition, there is a skirt bottom swimsuit for those who want a little more coverage.

There are two CASTing options for this one as well. Option one has: main swimsuit, trim and straps. The second option has: main swimsuit/trim, front panel and straps.

This version is only available for swimwear.


All items have custom thumbnails for easy identification in CAS.

Everything is for adult/YA females! Elder and Teen versions coming at a later date.

Take a bow!

This set took many nights of no sleep with just me, milkshape and photoshop! It's a relief to finally have everything uploaded and I hope y'all like the set.

All of my custom meshes will be up for grabs in my forum at Leefish. Feel free to retexture and/or poke with a stick.

Want more retro?

Check out part 1 and part 2.

Additional Credits:
-Side Swept Up-Do and Pinned Curls by Wojtek
-The Professional by EA Store
-Hat by Lorandia Sims
-Sandals by Lili Sims
-Wayfarer Glasses by Tamo