"Shuttered Window" Expansion Set! [MAJOR UPDATE: 1/16/11 - REDOWNLOAD!!]

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Uploaded: 14th Jan 2011 at 5:50 PM
Updated: 20th Apr 2011 at 12:43 AM - Updated January 16th
Sorry for the trouble guys! The windows had a wall mask issue in which placing the windows, closing your game, then reentering the lot caused crashing. I tracked down a person who had this issue, bound them to a chair, made them test profusely against their will, and received a pleasant outcome If you redownload the file, all of the windows are updated and fixed. If you have any other problems, please post them down below. Happy creating!

Windows and Shutters FTW!

WA introduced these awesome windows, but they didn't give any options with them! They had to be on two tiles, and only came in open or closed forms. What the hell is that!? I am a builder, you can't give me pretty items and make it have a giant downfall. That's just jerk-like!

So, I took it upon myself to expand the windows. In this set, you get:

Small / Medium / Tall Double Tile Windows
- Small / Medium / Tall Single Tile Windows
- Small / Medium / Tall Closed Shutters
- Small / Medium / Tall Open Shutters

...so you can mix and match as you want! Look below for an example!

Price & Location

Short Shutters: $40
Regular Shutters: $60
Tall Shutters: $80

Short Windows: $180
Regular Windows: $200
Tall Windows: $220

Shutters: Buy Mode > Decorations > Curtains
Windows: Build Mode > Windows

Why are the Shut Textures Darker?
Ah, yes, this was pointed out to me. And, to be honest, I was going to fix it. However, if I fixed the brightness, it wouldn't match EA's two existing windows, and would make a different problem. A group of people and myself decided it was best to leave it as is, hope you don't mind :D

Polygon Counts:
Both Short Windows - 1150 verticies / 792 faces
Both Medium Windows - 1398 verticies / 928 faces
Both Tall Windows - 1892 verticies / 1188 faces
Short Closed Shutters - 160 verticies / 108 faces
Medium open Shutters - 356 verticies / 216 faces
Medium Closed Shutters - 167 verticies / 108 faces
Medium open Shutters - 334 verticies / 216 faces
Tall Closed Shutters - 167 verticies / 108 faces
Tall Open Shutters - 334 verticies / 216 faces

Additional Credits:
Phae - This wouldn't have even gotten finished without her! SO many hints, tips, and Milkshape advice. Sincerely appreciated :D

Daluved1 - Helped me massively as well (fixed the text! Saved me a whole day of fiddling around...only took six hours instead.)

Decidedly Anonymous Creator - Thank you for helping with the wall mask, I know you said not to thank you, but look! Incognito! You're like...a superhero now :D

Heaven - Thank you SO much for play testing along with me. Totally saved my butt in this case.

Thank you guys so much

[note: No playtesters were harmed, I promise ]