The Everson House - A Starter House Recreation

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Uploaded: 21st Jan 2011 at 5:48 PM
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The Everson House - A Recreation

A Beautiful Starter Home based off of original work by Beatdoc16

Upon request, I was prompted to make this wonderful house. I was provided with an image from a google search result, and I got to work at the house. I loved my work, but I knew it wasn't entirely mine.. After some searching, I found the original creator, beatdoc16, and she was kind enough to let me upload this creation for the community to enjoy!

Layout and Design
This small starter home features beautiful flora and landscaping. Within the outer fence, the lot has a small garden, a firepit, and plenty of flowers and plants to admire! Inside, a small kitchen opens up to a simple living room which takes up the majority of the household. The small bathroom features a cosy feel, along with the single bedroom, which contains one double bed along side a huge bay window, to match the bay window of the kitchen. The back of the house has a small deck, and area for your sims to grill; seating for two. A path leads back to the firepit.

The Two Versions (Please Read!)

The Lot Size Mixup

Custom Content
To ensure the quality of the lot, some objects are required to be downloaded. This content is NOT included in the package and MUST be downloaded for the lot to appear exactly as shown in the screenshots!

Creators Content:

1. The One More Slot Package by granthes *Highly Recomended, Awesome Object In General!*

2. Shelf Clutter Pack by cmomoney

3. "Stuff on the Fridge" Mod by cmomoney

EA Store Content:
Note:These objects are nice accents to the house, but I would not suggest you go out and buy them just to get this download to look EXACTLY like the screenies. If you do not aquire these items, they will be replaced with default EA content. Please note that most of these store items belong to bigger store collections.

1. Tropical Fruit Bowl

2. Ray's Shades

3. Spa Necessities

4. Elegant Swirls Lite

5. Elegant Swirls Wide

Lot Size: 21x25

The Normal House:
Lot Price Furnished: 38,806
Lot Price Unfurnished: 27,161

The Cheaper House (read spoilers above for more information)
Lot Price Furnished: 19,627
Lot Price Unfurnished: 1,372

Custom Content Included:
ATS3 Bed Companion - Books #1 by Sandy @ Around The Sims 3

Additional Credits:
Thank you again, beatdoc16, for allowing me to upload this original idea of yours ! Original Post Here
Also, thank you to -Pure- from Snooty Sims for prompting me to make this house! Request Post Here!