More Expensive Medical Advice with flavours - 1.67

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Uploaded: 24th Jan 2011 at 10:38 PM
Updated: 21st Apr 2014 at 11:15 AM - Updated for 1.67
Updated to 1.67 compatibility.
Please upload the new 1.67 files.

Now includes vaccinations, allergy shots, therapy and create baby price changes.
These are included along with the Medical Advice prices in each file.

I think Medical bills are meant to be really expensive, so I've created some mods to adjust the costs of pregnant sims seeking medical advice at the hospital. There is also adjusted consultation times. There is 6 flavours to choose from, please ONLY CHOOSE ONE to play in your game. If you would like this mod altered to your specific needs feel free to PM me with your request.

The default price for Medical Advice is 200 simoleons, and consultation takes 45 minutes.

* 50 simeloneons, 10 minute consultation
* 50 simeloneons, 60 minute consultation
* 500 simeloneons, 10 minute consultation
* 500 simeloneons, 60 minute consultation
* 1500 simeloneons, 10 minute consultation
* 1500 simeloneons, 60 minute consultation

This mod should not conflict with any other mod, including core mods, unless it also changes the XML of the medical advice. (Hospital+GetMedicalAdvice)
This mod is base game compatible, and also works with all EP's and SP's. Updated to 1.67.

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