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Finnley Cottage

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Uploaded: 18th Jan 2011 at 4:23 PM
Finnley Cottage is a tiny little house for a single sim, with just enough room to entertain few guests.

I got the idea for this cottage after HP kiddingly called me ms. Cottages So thanks HP for inspiration

- Diningroom with a reading corner
- Livingroom with fireplace and a tv
- Kitchen with open view to diningroom
- A bedroom
- A bathroom
- Forgotten attic with things that have been there for years (there used to be ladders on the side of the house to access the attic from the front side, but they have been broken down a long time ago)

- Bike stand
- Seating in front side garden
- BBQ and table to eat at the back side
- A small vegetable garden at the back with salad, tomatoes and grapevines.
- Beautiful flowerbeds

The lot has been playtested for routing. Almost everything is CASTed, and the lot is fully decorated


35959 Furnished
21009 Unfurnished

No CC has been used, but I suggest you get this mod, so that the curtains stay where they are supposed to:
Curtain Height Adjustment by Granthes

Game requirements:
You will need Base game, WA, Ambitions and Late night installed with patch 6.1.11 or higher

Additional Credits:
Granthes for the curtain mod

Built in my BIDIY