A House on Stilts

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Uploaded: 29th Jan 2011 at 5:53 AM
Updated: 1st Feb 2011 at 7:50 PM
A House On Stilts

This is a simple medium sized home for a small family or couple hoping to create a family. The house is entirely "raised" by stilts, and is perfect for beach or mountain environment.

Layout and Design
This medium house has the basics of everything a family needs. There are PLENTY of windows in this house to let the sun shine in. Upon entry to the house, there is a living room, complete with HDTV, a chess table, and a desk. Leading to the back of the first floor, there is a light blue kitchen, and a dining area around the corner. There is also the bathroom. The second floor is divided into two bedrooms, which are both ready for customization to your needs. The master bedroom has everything you need; a double bed, endstands, and a dresser. The spare/childrens bedroom suits 3 with a bunkbed and a crib. There is also a play table and dollhouse, along with numerous decorations. I did not over do the decorating of the house, because it's ocupants are open ended. Feel free to further decorate it once you get it

The Two Versions (Please Read!)
This lot was created on a beach lot in a world that I am currently creating. In order for you to place in your own world, there is a bit of change to the terrain in order to fit the lot, because of the hill that it was built on. Because this neighborhood it was created in is not yet released, and I know that there is plenty of worlds out there, i decided to create two versions of the house. To get one thing straight, both versions are exactly the same house & interior, and I mean EXACT.. I wanted to show you that this lot can be easily made to fit any hill in any world. So, to prove this, I'm including a version that is made SPECIFICALLY for Sunset Valley. To Clarify, THIS IS THE SAME LOT, but the terrain & terrain paint are modified to fit in a specific area in Sunset Valley for your convenience. If you follow the instructions below, you can make the original "Beach" lot fit on any hill in your neighborhood. Please read the appropriate tutorial below for your needs

Custom Content
To ensure the quality of the lot, some objects are required to be downloaded. This content is NOT included in the package and MUST be downloaded for the lot to appear exactly as shown in the screenshots!

Creators Content:

1. The One More Slot Package by granthes *This object is ABSOLUTELY Required!*

2. Modular Sofa Set by Lisen801

3. Bunk Beds by Inge Jones

4. TS2 -> TS3 - Toys, Toys, Toys! by Purplepaws

EA Store Content:
Note:These objects are nice accents to the house, but I would not suggest you go out and buy them just to get this download to look EXACTLY like the screenies. If you do not aquire these items, they will be replaced with default EA content. Please note that most of these store items belong to bigger store collections.

1. Shrub of Tranquility

2. "Topper" Plant

3. Woven Wicker Trunk

4. Das BrauenMeister

5. NordiChop

6. Wall of Greats

7. The Infinite Dresser

8. Mel The Monkey

9. Freddy Frog Wall Growth Chart

10. Jerry the Giraffe Wall Growth Chart

Lot Size: 30x30

Sunset Valley Edition:
Lot Price Furnished: 70,869
Lot Price Unfurnished: 46,608

The Original "Beach" Edition(this price will varry once you place your own plants and other flora)
Lot Price Furnished: 68,642
Lot Price Unfurnished: 44,381

Custom Content Included:
- Caspar David Friedrich - Caroline at the Window by Mystic25 @ MTS

Additional Credits:
Thank you so much to Granthes for the OMSP! I seriously underesimated the power of that thing!