'Dressed To Kill' - 3 Vampy outfits! (Updated-Fixed Mesh)

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Uploaded: 23rd Jan 2011 at 10:16 PM
Updated: 26th Jan 2011 at 7:38 PM

Vampires in oversized tops? nah. Vampires in harem pants? nah. Vampires in 3 Scarily sexy outfits in a variety of colours with some beastly heels? yarrr!

Today I bring you a mini collection inspired by my new favorite sim, Kaylynn Langerak. But Kaylynn isnt some homewrecking maid. Oh no. She's a Vampire! BOOM! She used to be a homewrecking maid back in victorian times, but not anymore. (I may put my A* English GCSES to the test and write a story. meh.) I was finally playing the game for once, but had to quit to make her some clothes (I cant go 10 minutes without needing to make a sim an outfit. I have a problem. CC anonymous?). Homegurl needed styling! And due to her super human strength, her ankles can brave any heels....

So first up is Kaylynn's everyday outfit, A gorgeous Halter neck silk dress that finishes just above the knee, paired with a killer pair of heels with a front strap detail. Available in Midnight Black, Twilight Purple and Blood Red.

Secondly is a style that could be seen by some regular sims as a bit old hat, but Kaylynn transforms this 2 peice suit into a slick, elegant ensemble with definate bite (hardy haaa) by pairing it with a chunky pair of peep-toed platform heels and a silk tanktop to match. Available in Fang White and Gold, Twilight Purple and Midnight Black and finally Ebony and Blood Red.

(Im having way to much fun with these tacky vampire colours)

And lastly is a vintage peice of Sentate from the 40s that Kaylynn has kept in it's best condition. A loose, draping silhoutte that falls tight below the knee is perfect for dazzling regular sims into submission, Paired with a pair of killer stillettos. Available in Blood Red, Midnight Black and Twilight Purple. And for your braver sims this stunning dress is also available in Gold and Platinum (Not sliver...hisssss....bleh).

All outfits are available as Everyday and Formal attire, Enabled for your uni kids (and regular sims too of course, though vampires pull these of much better. Brandi Broke in one of these? dont make me laugh). Fat Morphs for tubseh vamps and Bumpmaps too!

Enjoy fangbangers. :D

Polygon Counts:
Draped Halter Dress - 2224
Wide Pant Suit - 2446
Long drapey dress - 2272

Despite One of my sims wearing the dress for several hours in the sims, I've just noticed one of the vertexes in the 'Long Draped Dress' is completely borked and dissapears into your sims neck, giving them one hell of an armpit! Please re-download the new mesh file zip and let it replace the original. To any new downloaders, I've updated the original file so you don't have to worry. Sorry about this I cant beleive it's escaped me. NAUGHTY SENTATE. Imma take my feature trophy and beat myself with it. P.S while Im here thank you everyone for your lovely comments and The Mods who featured me!

Additional Credits:
Maxis for making half nice meshes, then ruining them.

Brie Larson's cover of Black Sheep which was on repeat for most of the meshing and texturising part of this upload. I now now all the words and scream along. It was nearly the title of this upload...CAN YOU TELL I LOVE THIS SONG.