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Cute Boys Set (Hand and Brow Ridge Sliders)

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Uploaded: 25th Jan 2011 at 10:46 PM
Updated: 5th Jun 2011 at 6:34 AM

Cute Boys Set
"A pair of sliders useful when making cute/pretty male sims"

Both sliders are for Young Adult Males. I did not make these for female sims, as I feel CAS' defaults already look cute on them lol These were relatively quick and easy to make, so I might take requests, but only if I like the idea!

Hand Slider: Bone-Based; Makes Fingers and Thumb Thinner. Found under Head/General Panel as Hand Girth
Brow Slider: Geom-Based; Makes Forehead Flatter/Smoother. Found under Eyes/Eyebrow Panel as Brow Ridge


Brow Ridge Slider
One aspect of CAS which has *always* bothered me is the fact that the brow ridge could not be adjusted. This left all my male sims with a protruding skull mass that looked okay on most of my sims, but simply jacked on my pubertyfail! guys! I also noticed this slider works well on men of different ethnicities, as most do not have a brow ridge quite as prominent as Caucasian men/default CAS face. I'd make it a tad smaller for them, but anyways....

Side Profile:(Before and After; 0% to 100% Blending. See Thumbnails for Quarter-Profile Angles)

As you move the slider to the right, the brow ridge will become flatter and smoother. The shape of the forehead will also become rounder. I think it looks best at around 70% for cute boys, and maybe 100% for super cute boys! Ethnic men--around 5% smaller.

Example of Ideal Usage(Exhibit A; Key's Brow Ridge; 40% Intensity)

Now I'm not asking you to study anatomy, just be mindful when using this slider so that your sims look realistic enough to pass as human, because it *is* possible to do otherwise. Now, you'll notice that my model Key has a high brow ridge with a sharp rotation. These parameters are close enough to the right that his brow ridge is already pretty flat, so at this point, I *shouldn't* be using this slider to flatten his brow ridge, but to make it look soft and round. To accomplish this, I should only move the slider notch less than half way. Do Not Go Crazy With It.


Hand Slider
Now, I'm sure I'm not the *only* one, but the male hands have a tendency to look.....fat, cartoonish and FUNKY.
Girl, I Do Not Want >_> What I *do* want, are hands that are more tapered and human-like instead of pedo-stalker manacles
(Before and After; 0% to 100% Blending. See Thumbnails for Random Shots)

As you move the slider to the right, the hands gradually look cuter and smaller. Again, I also think this works well on the average man too as.....NOBODY HAS HANDS THIS FAT. For cuties, move it 70-100% to the right. For average guys, maybe 10%.

Example of Ideal Usage (Exhibit B; Taemin's Hands; 100% Intensity)

First thing, notice how limp and slender his wrist is, the boy is thin as a rail. DO NOT give your macho and obese sims these little hands, just don't, it'll look creepy and wrong. Now, I couldn't go OVERBOARD with flattening these hands since I wanted the animations to match; this is about the best one can do before some WEIRD clipping shows up on certain interactions, like the coin flipping one I wish bone-based sliders were as open-ended as their GEOM counterpart, but I'm rambling at this point...

Slider Limitation Issue
Getting these sliders to work might require a mod if you already have custom sliders installed! By default, the game allows only twenty sliders in commission at a given time, but, should you install either of the following mods you can have an unlimited amount:
"What's with the cute turtles?" I don't know >_<

Additional Credits:
1.) Delphy for his Small Editors
2.) CmarNYC for her Morphmaker
3.) Inge and Peter Jones for S3PE
4.) Wes Howe for his Q-Mesh Tool

Hope I didn't forget someone This mod wouldn't exist if they didn't lol