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Mood Hotfix (with optional harder mood flavor)

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Uploaded: 25th Jan 2011 at 10:47 PM
Updated: 11th Jan 2015 at 5:58 PM
2014-03-15 - Compatible with game version 1.67. No changes.

Supported for game version 1.67. Should work with game versions from 1.31 upwards, though.

borked moodlet hotfix

scope of this mod
EA managed to totally screw up the "Well Rested" moodlet with the LN patch. For every sleep cycle sims would get a semi-permanent mood impact in the amount of buff value minus 25. So for the cheapest bed, the mood would drop by 15 per day. The "Well Rested" moodlet is only the most obvious case by the way, but not the only one. This mod will fix that issue for you.

The code becomes active every time a sim gets a buff, recalculate the correct mood for that sim and correct the mood if the actual mood is borked.

Buffs get applied very often. In my test game, the code became active about 5,000 times per day and corrected about a dozen moods in that time. I have noticed no perfomance impact on my rig. I'd appreciate feedback from users with low-end machines whether the mod causes perfomance issues for them. If it does, I'll make a low-end-friendly version.

Remember: Not using this mod makes nerdy girls cry!

social drop hotfix

Twenty or so interactions - including pretty much all baby/toddler interactions and most of the adult cuddling-related interaction - cause a hefty social motive drop in inactive sims. The social drop also occurs everytime any social "situation" starts.

There is no subtle non-core way to get a hold of the issue, so this fix monitors the social motive of all sims that run full autonomy. By default the overseer code fires every second. I noticed no perfomance impact on my rig, and there is little room for improvement anyway. If you notice perfomance issues - especially in crowds - give the LessGreedyTuning a try. Feedback appreciated.

harder mood flavor

So you actually want to make nerdy girls cry? Then you sir and/or lady are a butt! I feel nothing but contempt for you. I could totally understand if you wanted to make smarmy douchebags cry. E.g. the roommate of the nerdy girl above made her sleep on the couch the other day so he could board Diana Jones' loading ramp in the common bedroom. What an ass. If you want to make guys like him cry, use ONE of the harder mood tuning packages which will enable the harder mood flaver of this mod. Only affects sims belonging to the active household and comes in three types:

permanent -20 mood impact
positive buffs 20% less effective
negative buffs 25% more effective

permanent -33 mood impact
positive buffs 33% less effective
negative buffs 50% more effective

Painful aka "Oh my gawd! It's like having children, and they're all in puberty!"
permanent -50 mood impact
positive buffs 50% less effective
negative buffs 100% more effective

legal stuff

possible conflicts
This is a scripting mod and as such the possibility for conflicts with other mods, no matter what kind, is next to non-existant. I can't think of any kind of mod which could possibly interfere with this mod.

Follow the regular installation instructions for packages. Seriously, if you do that, the mod will be functional. If the mod doesn't work for you, you didn't follow the installation instructions. Don't ask me for installation help or don't be pissed if I simply show you the way to the Package Tutorial.

Rip it out whenever you like.

I support my mods. I appreciate bug reports. I don't support mods or custom content in general. It's not an issue with a mod if it doesn't even show up in the game.

Might lead to a serious case of squished brain. Your game should be safe, though. Use for rocket fuel. Don't use for stomach ailment.