Long Untucked Teeshirts for Females

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Uploaded 7th Feb 2011 at 12:21 AM · Updated 7th Feb 2011 at 9:44 PM by Robodl95

Edit: Plain version added as requested (only plain and gradient version included)

I cringe at EA's tees for females. The male ones are nice looking but for girls wthgtsooh!! (you can decode that yourself!) these ones are definitely closer to the shirts I see girls wear in real life (longer, skintight). Sadly it's just for (young)adults at this point

About the designs: I could not have done these shirts without the awesome Threadless.com, I think maybe about 8-9 of the designs are theirs. I take no credit for them or of the other designs (besides the couple I made). These are mostly all based on real-life designs so you could dress like your sims! That would be weird but still awesome right? Anyone own these shirts? Oh and in total there are 14 designs. 12 are real "designs" plus a gradient version and plain.

About Channels: Unless noted all the shirts have two channels.
Mona Lisa - Not really 3 channels but the 3rd channel adds depth the design, it was unintentional but it looks better with it...
Electric Jellyfish - Shirt, tentacles, blob
Plain - One channel... (duh?)

About Mesh: The mesh is not mine. Total credit for the mesh goes to Sugichaco. I tried to do my own but I failed epically XD It was fun to try and contact her, I could see that she was active in the community but I can't read Japanese! Eventually I tracked her down through Twitter and she gave me permission to use her mesh, thanks Sugi! (mesh is included)

About Categories: Everyday, Formal, Sleepwear, Athletic and Swim

About Issues: In CAS the mesh has some weird creases at the bottom these issues do not appear in game. Also due to the nature of the mesh some bottoms will not work perfectly (namely extremely short skirts), extreme animations may lead to some clipping in the back. None of these problems are very visible in game and I don't see them as a big deal.

About Policy: I give you my total permission to edit this shirt, use the textures, etc. It would be cool if you let me know (I just want to see what you make!) but otherwise do whatever. No paysites, no TSR, do not claim as your own, be sure to mention Suigchaco too.

About other ages: If anyone ever converted this for teens I would love you, I don't have the meshing skills but if anyone does that would be awesome!

I hope you like, more will be coming (I've become slightly addicted!)

Additional Credits:
Sugichaco, makers of modding tools, MTS staff, Jillie, downloaders hairs are all free by Anto, Savio and Anubis