1 Emily Drive - A Family Starter (UPDATED, BG-No CC Version!)

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Uploaded: 14th Feb 2011 at 3:37 PM
Updated: 18th Feb 2011 at 8:54 PM - Uploaded BG Compatible Fix
Update: Some people have been having trouble installing this lot into their game. To remedy this, I have added a version edited and tested to work exclusively in basegame, thanks to AGS. The house is the same, just filtered through basegame. No mods or custom content (including store content) are included. If you had trouble getting this install, don't have Late Night, or otherwise do not want to install any custom content, please install the new version! For screenshots without the custom content, please check the comments.

1 Emily Drive - A Family Starter

Having a mansion is always a luxury, but sometimes your sims prefer a small, cozy house. This lot is only built on a 10x10 lot, but is able to sustain up to 3 sims, and provide everything they need at that!

Layout and Design
Although small, this house sports an open layout that gives plenty of room to it's ocupants. On the first floor, you will find the living area, kitchen, and dining area. The living area and upstairs hallway is designed with earthy colors and give a very cozy feeling. Seating, HDTV, fireplace, stereo, all your sims need to get the entertainment they want! The kitchen has everything you need aswell, including all the appliances needed, coffee machine and processor. The dining area has a table with 5 chairs. HOWEVER, two of these chairs are unusable, and "pushed in." This will not affect gameplay, however, because they are actually placed on OMSPs (please read custom content instructions for installation). The only problem will be ran into if you direct a sim to sit in a chair which is "pushed in." The stairs leading to the second floor have a platform. The hallway leads to the two bedrooms and bathroom. The smaller bedroom, which is set up for a teenaged or young adult male, can easily be changed to fit any resident. Bed, Desk, Computer, TV, Bookshelf and Chair all included. The master bedroom has all the essentials, a mirror, and the door to the deck, and also a second door to the bathroom. The bathroom has all the regular plumbing. One strange issue found in routing testing is that there is an animation bug when using the shower. I am yet to find a solution, but please note that THIS IS ONLY VISUAL. There is no problem created by it. You may find some special suprises hidden in this house once you take a closer look

Custom Content
The basegame version of this house is CC, Mod, and Store Content Free. Skip to the downloads if you intend to download this version
To maintain the lot at it's original state, some objects are required to be downloaded. This content is NOT included in the package and MUST be downloaded for the lot to appear exactly as shown in the screenshots!

Creators Content:

1. The One More Slot Package by granthes *This object is ABSOLUTELY Required!*

2. Shelf Clutter Pack by cmomoney

3. Curtain Height Adjustment by granthes

4. CAST yourself a chimney! by armiel

EA Store Content:
Note:These objects are nice accents to the house, but I would not suggest you go out and buy them just to get this download to look EXACTLY like the screenies. If you do not aquire these items, they will be replaced with default EA content. Please note that most of these store items belong to bigger store collections.

Lot Size: 10x10
Lot Price Furnished: 70,740
Lot Price Unfurnished: 26,940

Custom Content Included: (both CC and No-CC version)
-ATS3 Bed Companion - Books #1 by Sandy @ Around The Sims 3

Additional Credits:
Thank you to my friend Elizabeth who helped me style the house, as well as help me with design choices. This house would have been far from nice without her!