No, the windows aren't dirty! ~Privacy Film for your Sims' Windows~

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Uploaded: 10th Mar 2011 at 7:41 PM
Updated: 11th Mar 2011 at 1:21 AM - screenshots and changing which recolors are uploaded
I was wandering around a wallpaper site one day and saw privacy film. You know- the sticky film you can put over your windows so people can't see in? Me being me, I got an idea.

Here's the result: 3 new meshes (long 1-tile, long 2-tile and short 1-tile) with working diagonals. They were cloned from a curtain, fit IN the wall, can be used with curtains using "moveobjects on" and are totally basegame. The long 1-tile is the master and is needed for the other 2 to work in game.

Please look at the screenshots full size to see what these really look like:

12 recolors are included- 3 chicken wire (gold, silver, black) a striped, a floral and 7 transparent colors. More recolors are welcome and the mesh is ridiculously easy to recolor. (See note below about that!) I DO have some patterned recolors I'm working on and hope to have done very soon.

* If you recolor these- be sure the texture isn't cut off on any of the edges. The way the 2-tile is mapped, any cut-off bits will repeat and not look right.
* These work on all kinds of windows, custom and Maxis. I have over 100 windows in my game and tried them on most of those. The only windows that don't look quite right are the double-paned, opening Maxis windows.
* For windows over 2 tiles, just use the 1-tile mesh for each tile. I didn't see the point in making these any larger than 2 tile.
* There may be windows these won't fit width-wise. Since I can use the "setquartertileplacement on" cheat, I could shift these to fit windows that are centered on tiles.
*One of the screenshots has a 3-tile window- I used 2, 2-tile meshes. They're not perfect that way, due to the way the window glass is, but it works.

One more thing- depending on the size of the windows used, the texture won't always be "cut off" in the same place. I used these on different windows in the same room and it wasn't terrible looking.

Polygon Counts:
Polycount for ALL: 12

Additional Credits:
MilkShape, SimPE, PhotoShop CS2, MaryLou for the windows I used, Buggybooz for the coffee table and CTNutmegger for the macrame plant. (Thank you!)