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F-IN01 TS3 default replacement FULL FAMILY v2

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Uploaded: 6th Mar 2011 at 6:36 PM
Updated: 23rd Jun 2012 at 11:19 AM

this is my full family skin replacement for TS3, as it will replace female and male, of all ages (from toddler to elder) as theirdefault skin.

It is a complete skin replacement set for seamless age transitions for the whole family in one style, this is a variant 2 [v2] tone, and compatible with my previous [v2] releases to mix and match, however if I may suggest you, please just use this latest release as it is better and more seamless around the neck. all the faces now have their own dark texture, so it will retain most of its look eventhough the sim has a dark complexion.

here are the files included/ will be replaced by the skinset:
-ambody_m, ambodydark_m, ambody_s
-afbody_m, afbodydark_m
-cubody_m, cubodydark_m
-pubody_m, pubodydark_m
-amface_m, amfacedark_m
-afface_m, affacedark_m
-ymface_m, ymfacedark_m
-yfface_m, yffacedark_m
-emface_m, emfacedark_m
-efface_m, effacedark_m
-cuface_m, cufacedark_m
-puface_m, pufacedark_m

the files are separated, download & install what you need

about the naming system I use:
F-IN01 = my naming brought from earlier work in TS2 skins
body MTS = barbie crotch
body hairy = if contains body hair other than pubes (usually male skins)
body pubes = with pubic hair & detailed
body shaved = shaved & detailed
face = facial skin set
v1 = older uniform hue on the skin ( more or less same hue all over the body)
v2 = newer more lively hue on the skin (delicate parts get a warmer hue than the not so delicate parts)

later when I use the same hue to make alternate faces or body, I will use
v2a , v2b, v2c, and so on meaning the part would be compatible (hue/ skin color wise) with other v2 series to mix and match

when I would make different hue (more gray, more brown, whatever) I will use v3, v4, and so on, so "v" stands for "variant"
and not "version", so it doesn't mean v1 is obsolete when there is v2.

Finally when I do make considerably better skin in my opinion, I will make a new set named
F-IN02, F-IN03, F-IN04, and so on (until sometime I make it sounds more like a sport car naming than a skinset for simmies)

the full detailed waist down is available at ISA

and soon to be uploaded to SXS, once it is possible, I always get error message when attaching preview picture there


-Aikea Guinea for the very helpful tutorial since I was just installed the game few days ago, and totally uninformed after my few years absent

-Peter & Inge Jones for S3PE NOTE:

why do I make "no ribcage" on this new version, previously as usual I drew some ribs under the skin on the side of the torso, however since now sim uses the same texture for all bodyshapes, it was not a smart thing to be done... as fatter sims will look like they are really big boned
as their ribcage grows along with their fatness level, so in this version I smoothened out the individual ribs into a mere highlights on the area, this area should look as a ribcage for slim sims, and also can serve as fatty layer on fat sims. I also smoothen out the trimmed looking abs, into more subtle shading, so it will also look natural in fat sims.