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Werewolf Tranformation - No/Less Hunger Hit

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Uploaded: 4th Mar 2011 at 1:44 AM
Something that has been bothering me recently about werewolves is how they can have supper, then an hour later they transform and suddenly they're at the fridge already. So as at least a preliminary fix, I whipped this up.

Only install one version of this mod. They WILL conflict with each other.

The "LessHungerHit" version reduces the drain to a little under half that of normal Maxis Behavior, and will never reduce hunger to less than 3/8 of the bar, a little higher than Maxis Behavior.

The "NoHungerHit" version eliminates the drain altogether. Just as it says on the tin.

Requires Pets EP.


~Sacred Nym

Additional Credits: SimPE This site - For teaching me how to use SimPE