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"Gone Legit" Door - Reversed

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Uploaded: 14th Mar 2011 at 3:40 PM
The "Gone Legit" door from NL is a single tile door and has a different mesh inside/outside, so you cannot place two side by side. There is a two tile door of this style that came with the base game, and the NL door is slaved to it, but sometimes I want the single tile door spaced a tile apart. So I made a reversed version! This reversed door is base game compatible and does not require NL. If you want the reverse of mine you have to get NL.

Left (Maxis) - Right (Mine)

Technical Bits
  • Build/Doors
  • §95
  • Slaved to Base Game "Big Entrance Shop Window"
  • Has Diagonal

"Gone Legit" Texture FIX
This is optional and you must have NightLife!! to use it. This remaps the glass parts so that the upper grill matches the base game "Big Entrance Shop Window" and my "Gone Legit" Reversed door.

Left (Maxis Before) - Right (Maxis After)

The Double Wide
The 2-tile version of "Big Entrance Shop Window" shown in the third pictures is available at my site sims2artists.com

Polygon Counts:
864 (each) - Same as Maxis