Pirate Career & School

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Ready to hit the high seas for adventure? Then send your Sims to work and school as Pirates. This upload includes Full Time and Part Time Pirate careers as well as a Custom High School and even a Custom Elementary School for future Cabin Boys (and Girls).

To make it even better, High School and Elementary School students will be paid an hourly wage. After all, they are working now. Might as well give them their due.

All careers / Schools except Part Time have Opportunities.

Barnacle Bay is not required for this career (I know someone is going to ask, lol)

Rabbit Hole for all Pirate schools and careers: Restaurant
(more info on this below)

Uniform: There are no uniforms for the careers. Adult and Part-Time will go to work in their everyday clothes. High School and Elementary School will use NRaas Story Progression to change into their Formal wear (see below for more info on this).

The Pirate Careers and Schools require that Twallan's NRAAS Career mods be installed or it will not work
Link: http://www.the-isz.com/nraas/index.php?board=4.0
Mods: Careers, Careers Modules, StoryProgression
StoryProgression menu options:
General Options / Careers / Private School Fee - allows the player to set a fee for private schools, however if the school pays the student the fee will not apply. So your Art student will be charged Tuition, but her Pirate school brother will not pay tuition because he will earn an hourly wage.
General Options/ Careers / Private School Formalwear - changes the Sim into formalwear before going to school. You can then adjust the formalwear outfit to match the private school - in this case, pirate outfits!

Game Requirements
The Nraas Careers, Careers Modules and Story Progression will run on base game provided it is fully patched.
SP's and EP's are optional

1. So far there is no way to stop the homework requirement - so students still have homework
2. The idea is that the HS is 4 hours long so the students can get a Pirate Part Time job and earn experience that will land them a higher level position when they grow up and join the Pirate Career.
3. Anyone can have a Pirate Part Time job. So your elder, YA or Adult, or even Art School student can be a pirate part time. The experience will apply to the Adult full-time career if they decide to transfer.

Elementary School
Opportunities: Yes
Promotion to other Pirate career: No
Level 1: Cabin Boy
Pay: 10/hr
Hours: 10am - 4pm, MTWThF
Skills: Collecting, Fishing
Description: So ya wanna be a cabin boy? Then ya better know how to scrub a floor, make the bed, and get food out of the fridge. And if yer a girl, don't be complainin about being called a cabin boy! Yer a pirate now, matey. Suck it up!

High School
Opportunities: Yes
Promotion to other Pirate career: No. Teens must get a Pirate Part Time Job in order to promote into the Full time job when they age-up to Young Adult - hence the 4 hour school day.
Level 1: Powder Monkey
Pay: 20/hr
Hours: 10am - 2pm, MTWThF
Skills: Collecting, Fishing, Martial Arts
Description: Running away to sea to become a Pirate sounds fun, until you find out what a Powder Money does. Running errands, carrying heavy kegs of gun powder and doing whatever scurvy jobs the older sailers throw at you.

Part Time Job
Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Elders
Opportunities: No
Promotion to other Pirate career: Yes. Levels 1, 2, 3 promote to the same level in the Full Time Pirate career.

Level 1: Rum Barrel Lugger
Pay/Hours: 20/hr, 7pm - 10pm, MTWThF
Skills: Athletic
Description: Them rum barrels ain't gonna grow legs an' move on their own so get yer lazy bum movin' and lug them to the other side o' the ship!

Level 2: Rat Catcher
Pay/Hours: 25/hr, 7pm - 10pm, MTWThF
Skills: Athletic
Description: It be an important job, despite what ye may think. Now go catch them rats and get rid o' them before th' cook serves them fer dinner!

Level 3: Treasure Hole Digger
Pay/Hours: 30/hr, 7pm - 10pm, MTWThF
Skills: Athletic
Description: No, ye don't get disability pay if ye throw out yer back, now get back down in that hole an' keep diggin' ye lazy landlubber! We got treasure to bury!

Full Time Job
Adults, Elders
Opportunities: Yes
Promotion to other Pirate career: No

Level 1: Swabbie
Pay/Hours: 22/hr, 8am - 2pm, MTWThF
Skills: Athletic, Fishing
Description: 'Tis the job of the new guy to clean the decks an' keep 'em dry. Them waves be mighty strong and washin' up over the railins' as they do can make 'em mighty slippery.

Level 2: Bilge-Pump Operator
Pay/Hours: 30/hr, 8am - 2pm, MTWThF
Skills: Athletic, Fishing
Description: Thar's no such thing as a water-proof boat so mind that bilge or we be sinkin' into Davy Jones's locker!

Level 3: Cook
Pay/Hours: 40/hr, 8am - 2pm, MTWThF
Skills: Athletic, Fishing, Handiness
Description: Bein' out on the sea for weeks at a time can leave us feelin' mighty hungry and thirsty so make sure the ship is stocked up or we'll be eatin' you fer dinner.

Level 4: Rigger
Pay/Hours: 50/hr, 8am - 2pm, MTWThF
Skills: Athletic, Fishing, Handiness
Description: Unfurl the sail! Furl the sail! And while yer at it mend that rip o'er thar! If you don't wanna be rowin' this ship you best do a good job o' maintainin' them sails.

Level 5: Lookout
Pay/Hours: 65/hr, 8am - 2pm, MTWThF
Skills: Athletic, Fishing, Handiness
Description: Keep a sharp eye out for the next prize! It's out thar on the horizon full o' booty and new recruits. It's yer livelihood bucko and if ya let one get away we'll maroon ya fer sure!

Level 6: Carpenter-Surgeon
Pay/Hours: 75/hr, 8am - 2pm, MTWThF
Skills: Athletic, Handiness, Logic
Description: Fixin' the ship and keeping her afloat is an important job and make sure you read up on how to fix people too, because yer also the ship's surgeon!

Level 7: Sailing Master
Pay/Hours: 79/hr, 8am - 2pm, MTWThF
Skills: Collecting, Handiness, Logic
Description: We gotta know where we buried that treasure so make sure yer up on yer map making skills! Oh, and th' captain don't like gettin' lost either so make sure you can read 'em too.

Level 8: Bookkeeper
Pay/Hours: 120/hr, 8am - 2pm, MTWThF
Skills: Charisma, Collecting, Logic
Description: The booty needs dividin' and that's yer new job. Keep it fair according to the articles of the ship and there'll be no reason to suspect you of holdin' out on us. After all, the last guy who did that… well, let's just say dead men tell no tales.

Level 9: Quartermaster
Pay/Hours: 334/hr, 8am - 2pm, MTWThF
Skills: Charisma, Collecting, Logic
Description: Ye keep the crew in line with almost as much authority as the Cap'n. A big job considerin' the rowdy brawls and even rowdier parties, but ye are definitely up to it!

Level 10: Captain
Pay/Hours: 334/hr, 8am - 2pm, MTWThF
Skills: Charisma, Collecting, Logic
Description: The Captain is an elected position on this ship and yer relationship with yer crew is yer first concern. Make sure the booty is plentiful, the rum is strong and the port calls frequent and yer certain to join the ranks of Blackbeard and Cap'n Kidd someday.

Optional (as in NOT Required) Pirate stuff to make the career more fun:

Pirate clothes -
Buccaneer's Bounty (pay) http://store.thesims3.com/setsProdu...ategoryId=12665
EsmeraldaF Pirate Hat (free): http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=387285
EsmeraldaF Eyepatch (free): http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=386926

Build Mode (use the Restaurant rug or door to create your own custom Pirate hideout) -
Raven Shadow Rabbit hole replacements (Restaurant): http://www.modthesims.info/d/435107

Worlds -
Barnacle Bay - (it has a Restaurant rabbit hole shaped like a pirate ship) (pay): http://store.thesims3.com/barnacleBay
If you want Barnacle Bay please get it from the Sims 3 main site, please don't reinforce EA's bad marketing practices by purchasing the empty box from a store.

Rabbit Hole Notes:
1. If you have Barnacle Bay World click on the Pirate Ship Restaurant and your Sim can join the school or career at that location.
2. Otherwise, the career is located at the normal Restaurant Rabbit hole. After all, pirates always get together where there's food and drink, right?
3. There is no "Tavern" rabbit hole so the Restaurant is the next best choice.
4. You can create your own Pirate themed Restaurant using Raven Shadows Rabbit hole replacements (See link above)

Localization: PM me if you are interested in localizing the string file

Additional Credits:
Thank-you Twallan for answering my questions and helping to finally finish this career.
Thank-you to everyone who helped me on the Creator Feedback thread - it was last summer but guess what - I finally finished finished it so I hope you enjoy it.