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Inventor's Workbench fix for Bridgeport.

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Uploaded: 22nd Mar 2011 at 6:09 PM
This small tuning mod enables the ability to create SimBots on the Inventors Workbench in Bridgeport. This is accomplished by overriding the tuning "MakeFrankensim_InventionWorkbench" in the GameplayData.Package. Specifically, this tuning only modifies the line in the tuning that (originally) reads:

<World RestrictionType="Allow" Types="Base" Names=""/>

by changing it to:

<World RestrictionType="Disallow" Types="Vacation" Names=""/>

This tuning was made in base game version 1.19, with WA, Amb, and LN all fully patched to that point, but as this interaction has apparently been disabled in all LN installations, it should work in older versions. I'm unsure as to whether or not WA is actually required for the replacement tuning to be properly recognized, so if you have Ambitions and Late Night but not World Adventures, use at your own risk.

Side note--I chose to use "Disallow" on "Vacation" worlds because it enabled the interactions for Bridgeport while still keeping with the spirit of the original line, which was to only permit building SimBots in your "home" world.