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Lost&Found: Stock Market

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Uploaded: 27th Mar 2011 at 12:13 PM
Updated: 28th Jul 2011 at 5:25 PM

2011-07-28 - Added Brazilian translation.
2011-07-26 - Updated to game version 1.24.

Supported for game version 1.24 aka code version

stock trading
After gobot101 asked about the related XML in the discussion forum, I found the EAxian stock trading system. It seemed complete and even has a couple computer interactions for a user interface. The StocksManager simply doesn't get started and the interactions don't get added to computers.

This mod kickstarts the StocksManager and adds the interaction to all computers. I also hijacked the list that stores the stocks to make it survive save&reload and altered the interactions to support localization. Since most of the strings were missing, I wrote them myself. I hope it makes sense to you. I asked a friend who knows financial stuff about the "speculative" thing in the code, and he couldn't quite make sense of it, so the whole thing probably isn't very accurate anyway.

The string keys for the stocks didn't give me any hints about the names, so I made up new names. The first one that everyone sees without looking up new stocks is "Llama United Inc.". One of the other stocks is named after the one who pointed me to the StocksManager and the rest is named after staff members. See if you're able to find out which ones. Disclaimer: Sorry to everyone who didn't make it on the list. There are only ten stocks, so the possibilities were quite limited.

Heads up 1: The interactions only appear on expensive computers! I guess the intarwebz on the cheap computer aren't shiny enough or something.

Heads up 2: While the EAxian code is complete, it isn't really fleshed out or fine-tuned. Don't expect too much. I didn't do anything to flesh it out, have it make more sense or make it look nicer. Yet.

Heads up 3: The computer screens will stay black for the stock market interactions.

Ok, Buy and Sell should be obvious, I hope. Sims always have to discover stocks before they can invest in them by using the Check For New Stocks interaction. One stock will always be discovered in the beginning.

Discovered stocks that sims didn't invest in, will go hidden again after a certain time. A pretty short time actually. Also only four stocks can be discovered and investable at the same time. If you have four stocks discovered, you'll need to wait for one to get hidden again before you can search for a new one.

By using the Research interaction, you can find out some info about the stock. The volatility info basically tells you how much short-term changes the stock will show, the noise so to speak. The stability/sensitivity info tells you how much big changes the stock will show, i.e. how big the changes will be. If you know a bit about real stock trading, you got by now that the EAxian stock trading doesn't really resemble real stock trading.

Finally, to see what happened with your stocks and the stock market in general, use the Check Stock interaction. See the attached screenshot for the related notification.

This mod should be fully localizable. Tell me if you happen to find any empty buttons or notifications. If you are willing to support a translation, please read the instructions.

Disclaimer: I consider my mods to be free as free beer, public domain - all right reversed, whatever you may call it. I expect the same from your translation! If you are not okay with this, then don't support a translation! If you already supported a translation and are not okay with this, tell me and I will pull it.

Currently supported languages: English, German, Mexican, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, French, Brazilian

legal stuff

possible conflicts
This is a scripting mod and as such the possibility for conflicts with other mods, no matter what kind, is next to non-existant.

Please follow Game_Help:Installing_Sims_3_Package_Fileswiki. I can't explain it any better than that. Seriously, I won't even try even if you ask me.

Should be safe to simply rip it out whenever you want. If any household own stocks, these will be lost of course.

I support my mods. I appreciate bug reports. I don't support mods or custom content in general. It's not an issue with a mod if it doesn't even show up in the game.

Thanks to gobot101 for his question about the StocksManager XML in the stupid questions thread.

Thanks to lizzylovesjasper, Ekkii, yu_1, Aiken and matheusmm94 for translating.

Might lead to a serious case of squished brain. Use for rocket fuel. Don't use for stomach ailment.