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More or Less, More Default Eyes and Contacts

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Uploaded: 31st Mar 2011 at 11:49 AM
Here are three more default eyes. Each eye has two contact versions: one with 2 color channels for the iris and recolorable eye whites (version 1); one with 3 color channels for the iris and no recolorable eye whites (version 2).

All contacts are for both male and female, and are for Toddler-Elder. They can be found under the costume makeup category.

NOTE that if you use default eyes that are bigger than the contacts (which are all slightly smaller than the EA default eye size), it would be best for you to use the contacts with the recolorable eye whites. If you use the other version, there will be a ring around the contact from your defaults. The only way I knew how to fix that was by making the eye whites recolorable.

I've had these on my computer for a while (one even for about 7 months), so it's about time I finished them up. So on to the eyes.

Blameless Eyes:
The name is from a character on a MMORPG I play sometimes. It was the first thing that came to my head.

Nameless Eyes:
They were originally called Test2 and then Untitled. Then they became "Nameless" to match "Blameless".

Tameless Eyes:
Originally called Test3. So they became "Tameless" to match the names of the other two eyes. Anyway, the texture used was edited from a photo of my eye (my camera wasn't good enough to get a lot of the details though). I was bored.

Please let me know if there is something wrong with any of them, like if I uploaded the wrong file or didn't set something right on the contacts. Thanks.

And again, sorry if any of these happen to look like any other eyes out there. I tend to just play around till I make something, with no specific idea of what I even want them to look like in the end. They end up however they end up.

Model CC List:
Skin: Aikea Guinea.

Eyeshadows: LadyFrontbum (Candy Crush and Mocha), emmzx (Misty Eyeshadow and Glamorous Winged Eyeshadow).

Lipsticks: The Sims World (Moisture Sheer and Elf Set Lipstick ), Lemonleaf (Nectar Crystal Lip Gloss).

Eyeliners: emmzx (Winged Glamorous Eyeliners), Papercat (Cat Liner).