The Rosewood Duplex - *FIXED! PLEASE REDOWNLOAD!*

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Welcome to The Rosewood Duplex, a two story duplex for a family of 2-4 Sims.

Layout and Design
Although seemingly small, this duplex sports a very open layout and room for up to four sims.

Notes & Tidbits
Here are some things that may be asked about this house. This house is set up as an appartment, and uses the Late Night appartment orbs. The black square rooms throughout the house are either empty space or "closets," which associate with the decorative / non-openable doors in the living area and master bedroom. The second balcony is visible but unreachable by sims. The house is carefully lit and set up to create perfect nighttime visuals of the exterior of the house. Similar lighting optimizations are found indoors, and can be enabled by entering build mode, finding the [only visible in build/buy] wall lights near windows, pressing CTRL+SHIFT, clicking on them, and turning them on.

How to Edit This Lot
This lot includes build elements that render it un-editable without the use of cheats. To lift the restrictions, the following cheats are needed, and should be typed into the Cheat console by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+C, the cheat, and then enter. Enter each code as shown.
testingCheatsEnabled true
rbbb false

There is no longer any custom content that is required to be downloaded with this lot. However, because I do not have Ambitions, the washer and drier are no longer included. If you have ambitions, simply place another laundry machine and drier. Without ambitions, you can purchase the "Loads of Laundry!" set from the store, but it is not recommended, for the overall use of the house is not affected.

Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price: 60,000 / 7,001

Custom Content Included:
- ATS3BedCompanion - Timothe - Books #1 by Sandy @ Around The Sims 3
- ATS3DecorForBathroom-Toothbrush#3 by Sandy @ Around The Sims 3
- Portrait of Georgiana Cavendish by Mystic25 @ MTS
- Portrait of Lucrezia Panciatichi by Mystic25 @ MTS
- "Caroline at the Window" by Mystic25 @ MTS

Additional Credits:
Thank you so much to OumaMea for helping my find the solution to the problem of this lot!
Thank you to the Creator Feedback Forum for all the tips & advice!
Thank you to the Snooty Sims forum feedback aswell!
And finally, yes, thanks to my friend Elizabeth for helping me first hand!