Lost And Found: Plumbob Earrings

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Uploaded: 5th Apr 2011 at 1:07 AM
Updated: 24th Aug 2011 at 11:02 PM
ANNOUNCEMENT: I'm working on enabling these for all ages. So you have two options. Continue on and get the female adult only version today and come back for the addon version that hopefully be up soon. OR wait a bit and get the file that has earrings for everyone.

Edit to Announcement: Sorry this is taking so long. I've run into a large snafu in that my decustomized version (the everyone version) is showing up really weird in BodyShop. It shows up in doubles. The earrings are only pictured once in CAS, but twice in BodyShop. Until this issue is fixed, I'm not going to release them. I may end up respawning all 96 recolors and trying over. Especially since the Male version isn't showing up anywhere except in one color. I must have f'ed up somewhere in SimPE... I'm off to see what I can do to get these working. Oh and there are Mesh issues. Thanks Maxis for not positioning the mannequin earlobe in the same spot as the actual earlobe in CAS.

Found: Plumbob earrings in varying colors. Contact VP to retrieve.

Maybesomethingdunno uploaded a Jester Mask Wall Decoration last week, stating that it was apparently meant to be a female accessory . He also gave the guids for a bracelet and a pair of earrings. I took on the project of making all three objects into the accessories they were apparently meant to be. So here's the earrings.

As I was working on the recolors, the green one in particular, I noticed it looked quite a bit like a plumbob, if a bit squashed on the bottom.

You get eight colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, black, and white. Each color comes in both a silver setting an a gold setting. All recolor files are clearly named so if you don't want all sixteen pairs of earrings, you can delete the ones that you don't want. (Ignore that the Silver colored ones look smooth. I didn't realize that fixing the normals so the texture would display also smoothed the mesh out. It's fixed now, everything looks faceted, but I didn't bother taking new pictures.)

The jewel on the earring is somewhat transparent. I thought it looked less plastic-y and more gem-like that way

The base game earrings are wearable by any female sim ages Adult and Young Adult. They appear in the glasses category and are enabled for all stages of dress, so your sim will wear them at all times except when showering. I may go back and make them wearable by the other ages too.

For those of you who have Bon Voyage, I made a couple extra meshes to separate the two into separate earrings and enabled them as Jewelry. The Right side earrings reference the Left side ones so if you remove colors be aware of this. I didn't want to inflate Downloads folders any more than necessary.

I used the Wardrobe Wrangler to remove all unnecessary ages as my efforts with SimPE just weren't working (Elders apparently have saggy earlobes or I'd have left them for the older ladies as well). I also ran them through the Compressorizer so they take up a lot less space.

Mesh Info:
Faces:409, Vertices:443

Thanks to:
maybesomethingdunno for sharing the guids
Numenor for the AGS
fakepeeps7 for reminding me that the alpha layer doesn't just make cutouts, but also can make things transparent
kaylynn06 for answering my question about referencing the recolors, even is it was answered at the same time I finally figured it out myself

Oh, and my model's hair is by Nouk and XMSims. Her shirt came from FamilyFunStuff if I remember correctly. And her skin is one of Astiee's Sparkling Flesh skintones.

Polygon Counts:
409, 443