Four polkadot dresses for toddlers

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I went to an airshow last weekend and saw a young girl wearing a dress similar to this. The instant I saw it, I snapped a picture (surreptitiously, hence the crookedness) because I Knew. I knew I had to make it for my Sims.

The polka-dot texture is one I made myself as a tileable, but it took ages to find a position of the dots that worked right.

The mesh is the Hawaiian dress from Family Fun Stuff, and as such, you will need that stuff pack.

Also it might look a bit less bright in your game because my computer has trouble with lighting (three year old laptop which doesn't quite meet specs), and sorry about pixellation around the edges--for some reason, my screenshot did that and I have no idea what happened. The zoomed picture should give you a good idea of it, though.

Enjoy! Or else! (Kidding. Mostly.)

EDIT: Oh, and these are also townified, so you never know who may show/grow up in them!

Additional Credits:
The hair on Shelli (in blue) is "Kid Version Curls Up-All Ages" by callum91, found here:
The hair on Maria (in green) is "OFB Mesh "Deco" for All Ages" by DJ_Mur3, found here:
Photoshop 6