Another Lost & Found Item - two found colors of the Ladies SweaterSet.

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Uploaded: 6th Apr 2011 at 12:08 AM
Updated: 7th Apr 2011 at 2:31 PM
I'll tell you of at least two people who knew about these: foxcowpatt and jemmunoone. They both requested these on my L&F: EF Front Button blouse in Lavender thread. Thank you both for alerting me to these - I really like the green/turquoise one!

Here are Uzuri and Margaux, they went shopping together - can you tell? When they heard about these great new finds, they just couldn't wait to try them on. I think they liked them.

The yellow sweater Uzuri is wearing is a very BOLD yellow - not for the faint of heart. Margaux chose the more subdued green version. Well, the tag said green, but she and I both agree it's more of a turquoise than anything.

Here's a close-up:

These use a base-game mesh, so no mesh required.
The textures are all EAxis. I just extracted them. (There weren't enough resources to texture reference them, so I made re-colors instead. Easier to do too!)
They will be found in the 'Tops' section of your catalog with the other basegame tops (though probably not next to their matching counterparts - don't ask!)
They are townified, and will not have the Custom Content Star. (See Body Shop picture below)
There are two colors and all three adult age groups (YA/AF/EF) - the downloads are grouped by color; one for the yellow sweater and one for the turquoise (ahem, green - silly Maxis! )

Model credits:
Skin = Idolatry of Flesh - Dark by HP
Hair = ThinBraidsPonytail by Nouk
Eyes = Adoring Eyes by DragonMandy
Brows = Thin Natural - Steel by Alkaloid
Eyeshadow = Eyelights - Twilight by Bruno; defaulted by me
Liner = LaFeme 03 by DragonMandy
Lips = Indus - Red by Curious B with my LipGloss Overlay
Earrings = Silver Hoops by Alkaloid

Skin = Sparkle & Shine by Astiees
Hair = Fingerwaves - purple by TLMeyn
Eyes = Axiom Eyes by TimeSynth Azrael - Thank you, Almighty Hat for the link info!
Eyeshadow = Eyelights - Full Audience by Bruno; defaulted by me
Liner = Kajal Liner by Bruno
Lashes = Asian #4 by Bruno
Lips = Indus - Poppy by Curious B with my LipGloss Overlay

Both are wearing Striped Pants by Aszek with DEFAULT Replacement af_WideJeans by CatOfEvilGenius

FYI: I highly recommend Think...SPRING! Simple Sweater Set by Freesimmy21 - the Defaulted colors are much nicer than Maxis (IMHO) and she's got one that actually is green.

Oh... and the Golden Brown textured concrete wall in the background can be found here.

"Thankses" are always appreciated! You know where the button is...*wink, wink - nudge, nudge!*

Additional Credits:
Thank you to foxcowpatt and jemmunoone for finding these.
And to CatOfEvilGenius for teaching me so much! I went back to all my old notes for these...
MTS2 for a pixel home
And SimPE.