''Steinhaus'' - Germany's oldest house

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Hello fowlks!

Germany's oldest house? O RLY?
Yes, it really is! Here's a little bit info about it:
The ''Steinhaus'' was built in the 14th Century. It was the tower only, actually a livable fort. In the 16th Century the Northsea flooded, and parts of Ostfriesland were under water, becoming a big lake. The house actually was situated near today's Papenburg (I don't thin kit already exsisted back then), which is about 20 Miles away from where it's situated now. Today's ''Steinhausstrasse'' was the coast of the lake. Since the economy in Germany wasn't that good in the 14th Century, they decided to move to the lake.
Now here's the fun part:
They demolished the tower brick by brick, transported it brick by brick and then rebuilt it brick by brick!
How crazy is that?
The barrack-styled part which is connected to the tower, was built later in 18th Century.

Now it's a monument which is nice to look at. Renovations just finished, I've put a actual 2011 picture in the pictures below.
Wow, fascinating. The oldest of Germany in my street, in a village where all people go: ''Whatwherehuh?'' when I tell them where I live.

Piccas chickitas!

Main view


Meeting/great room

Real house

Main floor:
Meeting/great room

2nd floor:
3 bedrooms

3rd floor (tower only):
Master bedroom

It was a challange to build, I'm happy with what came out. I hope you're also happy with it

It's built on a 60x60 lot and costs: §122.804 F and §93.082 UF

As said 2 lines before: I hope you enjoy this old European house!

Lot Size: 6x6
Lot Price: In text

Additional Credits:
Steinhaus for being there for Centurys!

Number of bedrooms: 4 Bedrooms
Custom Content Included: None
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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