Crumblin Place (Aftermath Series)

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Uploaded: 16th May 2011 at 2:37 PM
"Aftermath" Series
This is a series of derelict, abandoned style buildings which may include some form of "destruction" to the architecture or landscape. The type of building you might see in apocalypse / disaster type movies and video games. This theme has been inspired by games such as the STALKER and Fallout series and movies like Mad Max, and many others.

Crumblin Place
It may be a crumblin' in places but there are some floors in this apartment building that are still habitable. Perhaps being nestled between high rises downtown sheltered it from the event.

Lot Details
2 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
Kitchen / living / diningroom
Decorative collapsed building
Overgrown fountain
1 parking space (with vehicle)
2 bike stands (with one scooter)

Lot Size: 50x25
Lot Price: $18,783 (F) / $12,838 (Unf)

Side Notes
This is my first attempt to build a functional apartment from scratch, it contains the maximum amount of buildable floors (6 I think) but has been CFE'd in places to be taller than the average wall height in places. There are level skip markers in place to take you from the ground floor directly to the apartment level, the wall mailbox and callbox are by the elevator in the lobby and there's a trash chute in the hallway out side the main apartment.

The apartment itself is fairly normal and not destroyed in any way though the decor is in keeping with the style (i.e. old wood, rusty metal, peeling paint, etc), there are two bedrooms, a full bathroom with both shower and bathtub and a main living area with a kitchen / dining set up in one corner.

Have done some basic testing, everything that should be usable is so far as I could tell. The main door to the lobby is set as the "Front Door" so newspapers and service sims will come there.

Custom Content
Ford Fiesta Pack - specifically the Parking Meter vehicle space
Riverview town - various items
There are also various Buydebug items (from multiple expansions) that aren't normally buyable.

Lot Size: 5x2
Lot Price: See "Lot Details"