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Jeff Ling - Athletic Inspiration

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Uploaded: 4th Jun 2011 at 4:52 PM

Jeff started out as a firefighter after turning 18. After joining the crew, he raised up the ranks quickly, impressing all of his peers and superiors. He was promoted to chief after just 5 years at the station. Jeff knew that he had accomplished a lot at just 23, but he still wanted more. He wanted to perfect his body, and his spiritual center.

He continued on to master Simfu. His goal is to complete his Lifetime Wish before he becomes an elder and he's too weak and scrawny to break a wooden board. Can you help?


Stir Fry
Custom Music
Sea Foam

This sim is packaged without custom skin or hair. I recommend downloading the sliders listed below and using a slider range multiplier set at x4. You may still use Jeff without a slider hack, but do not tweak him or he will revert back to the original slider ranges and not look like he does in the pictures.

Custom Content
Shirt by Aikea Guinea
Pants by Aikea Guinea
Skin Default Face by LadyFrontbum
Skin Default Body by Kanno
Hair by EA Store
Piercing by SleeplessAngel
Eyebrows by HystericalParoxysm
Freckles by Papercat
Eyes by Aikea Guinea (multicolored)
Sliders- Chin Slider by My Blue Book
Head Slider by jonha
Other Sliders by Bella3lek4
Lipstick by Tamo