The WAVE Fitness Center

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Uploaded: 18th Jun 2011 at 3:36 PM
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Welcome to the WAVE Fitness Center!
When former FormulaSims race driver, Nicki Wabbelevski and former Bantamweight world champion boxer, Sugar Ray Ventana found themselves at loose ends and with plenty of time on their hands, they decided to start their own physical fitness empire. Calling their business WAVE Enterprises, after the first two letters in each of their last names, these two entrepreneurs decided to design the ultimate in fitness centers as a showcase for their new energy and fitness products. So they hired renowned architect, Miesje VanderRoar, to design this mecca of fitness. The design had to incorporate the business name in its scope, as well as stay within budget.
Cost of the building could not exceed $93,034, while the cost including furnishings and equipment could not exceed $148,992. It also had to fit nicely onto the available 40x30 lot.
We now present the WAVE Fitness Center!

Note the gracefully curved rooflines, reminiscent of soft ocean waves. Plenty of windows for natural lighting and views. Tasteful landscaping.The floors and walls are all done in a soothing mix of nautical-toned marble in soft white, blue and deep coral, with occasional wood in white and natural tones. To the right of the entry is a small outdoor pool, where the Bridgeport University Water Polo Team comes to practice. To the left is the dirt track, for jogging or jumping hurdles, and a trampoline. This area is used for training by the Sunset Valley Simlympian Track and Trampoline Team, but you may use the equipment at any time.
The lobby houses two elevators to the upper level. Straight ahead is the sunken area with two lap pools, favored by Miss Crumplebottom's 6th Grade swimming class. The lower level also has the men's and women's locker rooms, the fitness machine area and a shuffleboard table, which is used mainly during the weekly outings of the Everrest Senior Home. This is also where you will find the hottub and a stereo for dancercizing.
Upstairs is the martial arts center, with training equipment and a padded sparring area. For relaxation after training there is a sauna room.
We are also providing free samples of our new macrobiotic lemonade and tasty energy cupcakes!
This building has been play-tested, or rather a copy has!
Notes: The following cheats were used in making this edifice - "constrainfloorelevation false", "moveobjects on", "testingcheatsenabled true" and then "buydebug".
The sauna is non-functioning - do not expect realistic Sim reactions! The steam is merely the Ambitions fx bubble producing a convincing steam emulation. Sims can still relax here, chat with fellow visitors and even catch a quick nap if they need!
You will need World Adventures for the martial arts equipment, Ambitions for the fx bubble, Late Night for the sauna seating, hottub and shuffleboard. I built this before getting Generations, so it is NOT needed. I have ALL of the EPs and SPS and may have used items from any and all of them, except Generations. Failure to comply will result in major brain damage through game-substitution of some "similar" object, which will not be CAST to match at the very least! Imagine a regular bathtub in place of a hottub!
Feel free to redecorate as desired. I did NOT use any store or other cc, apart from the Crouching Tiger Hidden Rabbit Picture (part of the store's free Lunar New Year set), but there are any number of cc items that would enhance any fitness center.
Please do not upload your changed building to any paysites. If you do upload elsewhere, I would appreciate a link to this upload, as well as a pm, so I can see your improvements!
Thanks to MTS and all the creators here who contiunually inspire!

Lot Size: 3x4
Lot Price: 148,992/93,034