"Casa di Luigi"

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If the title isn't right, blame the internet, not me - I can't speak Italian xD

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My Great Uncle...
...Is one awesome guy. He is not only the best cook in the world, but he grows his own veggies, makes his own freakin' wine, and stares death in the face (if he could still see out of the front of his eyes...different story!) constantly. He is the man I was named after and would probably have to be, if it was acceptable to pick favorites, my most favorite family member. So, when I got WA way back when it came out, I started to build a house that drew some influences from him. Though this isn't his house, it has minor resemblances. The small kitchen, a beyond unreasonable amount of plants, and a giant bundle of clutter, and a very noticeable "Home" vibe.

But, getting back on topic, this house is perfect for a lived in feel. Clutter, plants, awful wall paper and a guest room ready for any occasion! What else could a retired sim want?

(Mhm...still more.)

Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Dining Room
Work Bench / Filing System / Quick Snack / Appliance Holder MEGA-TABLE.
Extra Room (For Laundry)


Lot Size: 20x30
Furnished: 38, 631
Unfurnished: 25, 438


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...Unfortunately for my uncle, he lost his home around the time I turned seven. He now lives with my grandmother, tending her gardens, making spaghetti and other food I can't live without. It honestly makes me proud to be named after him (like you care, but hey, I gotta sell the house some how )

Except...he gets the awesome name. "Luigi"...all I get is "Louis"

Until next time, happy creating!

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price: ^^See Post^^