SERIOUS FREAK GALORE : Chess tables and more - Victor's Summer Sale Volume V

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Hi again! :D

So, Victor had a new vision.

Victor is the kind of serious (freak?) sim, getting his maximum pleasure with all the things stimulating his Logic skills, and the recent dartboards were a little stretch for him, so he felt like making something closer to his style for set #5 : chess tables. And he also wanted special outdoors seating, and a little coffee table for the player's refreshments. As he enjoys spending whole evenings at playing chess with his wife, comfy in their pjs, they like to have something to sip nearby.

There's already a whole Maxis set for that. But it's an opportunity to broaden Victor's collection of nice items. Have a look!

So the whole set here consists of 13 items :
4 Patio Plastic chairs,
4 Chess Tables (called "Chess Boards" on the picture in the bin),
and 5 Coffee Tables.

Maxis recolors, Basegame stuff - no EP needed, no mesh needed. Simple stuff, like Victor likes. Soft on your sim's wallet too, cheap stuff looking good.

Find the Chairs
Comfort -> Dining Room -> PatioPlastics Dining Chair §80

Find the Chess Tables
Hobbies -> Recreation -> King for a Day Outdoor Chess Table §399

Find the Coffee Tables
Sufaces -> Coffeetable -> Simple Structure End Table §60

Chess tables are all made of wood, with a dark metal leg, and a cute little accent on the bottom of the leg.
Chairs seats and backrests are made of wood, chairs' frame is made of metal, either in tones of iron or gold, with anti-rust.
Coffee tables are made of either wood or metal with anti-rust. Feel free to consult the picture bin for more informations.

Victors colors match with Maxis stuff :
(This information gets less and less important since this collection of 7 sets, once finished uploading, will contain enough items on its own and won't really need any additions...)

Walnut matches with a lot of medium wood Basegame outdoors items, plus my medium wood Asian Project walls.
Cherry Wood matches with a lot of red Basegame, red OFB furniture,
Dark Oak matches with the darkest UNI furniture.
Ironical Dark Grey matches with the black OFB furniture.

Our uploads (Victor and I, gotta include the old man) are regrouped for your convenience. You can pick them by color, by type of item, or pick them all at once! Files are tiny, don't worry about your precious disk space. This set has an awesome disk space/quality ratio.

I hope you like. Feel free to leave your comments on this set or the whole "Victor" collection.

Billie xx

Additional Credits:
Wine and glasses is a decorative item made by Mango Sims. If anyone is interested in getting it, check their "Valentine" set ("Livingrooms" page 3).