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Clouds Cafe @Old Pier Beach, Sunset Valley - NO CC!

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Uploaded: 29th Jun 2011 at 8:07 PM
Updated: 16th Jul 2011 at 10:34 AM by fairycake89
I felt it was high time that the beach got more family friendly, a bit less concrete and a lot more beachy-fun .. so I remade the beach in Sunset Valley. As well as the usual picnic tables, there is the fabulous Clouds Cafe, serving a mouthwaterig array of dishes you can enjoy seated on the terrace enjoying the stunning view.

Also, there is a little Coffee shop serving, coffee and soft drinks.

On the beach itself, kids can enjoy digging in the sand!

Or playing on the rides!

When the sun sets, Old Pier beach and Clouds becomes a far more romantic place, with soft lighting and it makes an idea dinner date spot.

Also wanted to add that this great little mod makes it possible for children to buy food, instead of grown-ups having to do it for them!

Custom Content: None
Playtested: Yes!
Fully Furnished: 48.077
Unfurnished: 35.036
Lot Size: 60x37


Lot Size: 6x3
Lot Price: 48.077