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Ellie on the Wall

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Uploaded: 22nd Jul 2011 at 11:31 PM
Updated: 15th Aug 2011 at 10:42 PM by dutch_1991
Yep, it's Ellie Goulding stuff again. Who else made it other than me? ;D
***Links to other parts of my Ellie Goulding pack can be found in the Download tab under the Multi-part Download section.

This upload contains two sets of wall hangings. The first one is a set of three paintings of Ellie Goulding that I painted myself, in watercolors. Priced at 250 simoleons apiece.

The second set includes five posters of the Ellie Goulding sim that I created, along with another painting that I did with watercolors. Priced at 55 simoleons apiece.

Additional Credits:
Creator of TSRW

Folks on #create and CFF

Ellie Goulding and her awesomeness.