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Trashamatic Garbage Disposal & Dishwasher

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Uploaded: 1st Aug 2011 at 6:04 PM
Updated: 13th Jul 2016 at 8:04 PM - Added cheat mode menu
Title: Trashamatic Garbage Disposal & Dishwasher

BUGFIX: December 23, 2014

Thanks to liebesa's bug report, this release prevents the Trashamatics from being knocked over. They were not designed to be knocked over, and if they were knocked over there was no way to set them upright again. All five models of Trashamatic have been fixed.


1) To provide futuristic animated trash disposal objects for science fiction and fantasy scenarios. They are available in two sizes: the Trashamatic 3000 is about the size of an indoor trash bucket, and the Trashamatic 3010 is the size of an outdoor trash can.

2) As an option, to supply "Custom" (cheater) versions of the two Trashamatic sizes that Sims will use to autonomously destroy bills, homework, and university assignments - depending on the cheat mode menu selection.

3) To allow for under-counter placement of the Trashamatic 3000 models.

4) To provide a combination dishwasher and trash compactor appliance that can be placed anywhere and does not break down.

5) To make default replacements for the community and residential trash cans, based on the Trashamatic 3010. Because these Trashamatics are default replacements, they will automatically appear on all existing and new lots throughout every neighbourhood (unless the original trash cans have been deleted).

6) To supply several recolours that will work with any of these objects, in both modern and traditional designs. Invisible recolours are included within each Trashamatic package.

Note: All six Trashamatic models may be used indoors or out and all variants may be used together on the same lot.


Trashamatic 3000 Standard - sdTrashamatic3000Standard.package - found in Appliances/Large, §50 - blue power/activity light, want category: dishwasher

Trashamatic 3010 Standard - sdTrashamatic3010Standard.package - found in Appliances/Large, §70 - blue power/activity light, want category: trash compactor

Trashamatic 3000 Custom - sdTrashamatic3000Custom.package - found in Appliances/Large, §58 - red power/activity light, want category: trash compactor

Trashamatic 3010 Custom - sdTrashamatic3010Custom.package - found in Appliances/Large, §78 - red power/activity light, want category: desk

Trashamatic 3010 Community Default - sdTrashamatic3010CommunityDefault.package - found in Appliances/Large, §69 - violet power/activity light, want category: trash compactor

Trashamatic 3010 Residential Default - sdTrashamatic3010ResidentialDefault.package - found in Appliances/Large, §68 - cyan power/activity light, want category: trash compactor

Like any of the other packages here, the default replacement Trashamatic files may be installed in any Downloads folder. If you wish to revert to the EA defaults, simply delete the files at any time when the game is not running.

Please do not attempt to delete the default replacements directly from the catalogue.

General Description

All Trashamatics have the following features: they may be placed on locked tiles and beach tiles, may be struck by lighting but are non-flammable, cannot be repossessed, stolen or upset, cannot be eaten from or salvaged, do not break down, are neighbourhood viewable even in basegame, and they remain in place if the lot is sold. They also use replacement animation sequences that neither spin the Trashamatic nor the Sim during use. All six models are bottomless garbage disposal containers that never become full, because any trash placed in them is immediately dematerialized.

Any model of Trashamatic can completely replace the standard residential and community trash cans on any lot - use "MoveObjects on" if you want to delete the game's default outdoor trash cans. Note that there is no requirement to place a Trashamatic near the road, even if there are no conventional trash cans on the lot.

Maids and other Sims cannot empty the Trashamatics because there is never anything left inside them. Unfortunately, this also means that Trashamatics cannot supply a source of trash for the Seasons composter.

As well as working like conventional outdoor trash receptacles, a table slot is included at the top of all Trashamatics to hold a small object. If an object is placed in this slot during Buy Mode it will be treated as trash and destroyed once the game is running. This can be an effective way to dispose of an overabundance of wealth. Default or Standard (non-Custom) Trashamatics, will not eliminate any bills, homework or college assignments placed in the table slot, and Sims cannot use the slot autonomously. Non-destroyed items remain floating at the top of the Trashamatic for ease of retrieval.

Custom Trashamatic Features

In the case of the Trashamatic Custom models, Sims will use the built-in table slot autonomously when they are looking for a place to put a handheld object. If one of the Custom Trashamatics is the closest usable surface to the road and the Trashamatic is in the "Trash All", "Trash Bills", "Trash Bills & Homework", and "Trash Homework" cheat mode then Sims will autonomously place bills and/or homework in the receptacle. Any bill, homework, university assignment or other object that is placed within it will quickly fade into non-existence, and the Sim will no longer need to pay the bill or complete the school work.

Caution: Sims may surprise you by placing something in either of the Custom Trashamatics where that object will be destroyed immediately, if the device is in the "Trash All" mode. It is therefore a good idea to pay attention to the Sims actions around these special objects, if you do not want to lose something valuable. In practice, the particular placement of either Trashamatic relative to other usable surfaces can usually guide which type of objects the Sims will automatically trash.

Terms of Use

You may include the non-default Trashamatics in any uploaded lots, whether for free or pay. Please include a credit and link to this page. It would be nice if you sent me a PM with a link to your uploaded creation, but this is not required.

In the case of the default replacement Trashamatics, please do not include them with uploaded lots because they will override all default trash cans in the downloader's neighbourhoods. I believe that players should be able to freely choose which patches and hacks they wish to use. Instead, I would suggest including the non-default models from this set, which are freely distributable. Therefore, please ensure the default Trashamatics are only available directly from this thread at MTS2.

Polygon Counts:

Both Trashamatic 3000 Models: 376 faces, 550 vertices
All Trashamatic 3010 Models: 424 faces, 602 vertices


GIMP, IrfranView, Microsoft Paint and Photo Editor for graphics file creation, conversion, processing, and sizing
Milkshape 3D and Ultimate Unwrap3D Pro, for 3D modeling and mapping
Numenor's AnyGameStarter, for development and testing
SimPE, PJSE, and CEP for Sims 2 object creation
Aligeth's George Jetson is featured in the screenshots
Note: I had The Jetsons in mind when creating this project, and several of the recolours are exactly matched to objects in The Jetsons Neigborhood and The Jetsons Build Set by StephSim and jasonduskey.