Missing Auto Soils (Plasma Fruit, Carrot & more)

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Uploaded: 2nd Aug 2011 at 5:09 PM
Updated: 26th Mar 2013 at 1:39 AM
Missing Auto Soils (Plasma Fruit, Carrot & more)

I don't know why EA didn't include these in Late Night and Pets, so here's a Plasma Fruit & Carrot auto soil. It's handy for those Sims that don't have Gardening skill and/or are too lazy to go to the grocery store.

For those that are too lazy to find a PlantSim, a Forbidden Fruit auto soil is now included! Plant it today and harvest your PlantSim.

2011.7.31: Release.
2011.10.26: Added Carrot auto soil. Remove older version before installing.
2012.3.17: Added Burger Patty, Cheese, Egg, and Steak auto soils.
2013.3.25: Added Forbidden Fruit auto soil.

They can be found in the "Gardening Plant & Seed Spawners" debug category.

These are scripted objects and shouldn't conflict with any other mods. Please take into account that these are not recategorizers, so they will be marked as CC in your catalog. If you include them in one of your uploads, link to this post so people can download them.

They were made and tested with the patch version 1.50, but they may work with older versions.

If you don't have Late Night, the Plasma Fruit auto soil will default to Garlic. Likewise, the Carrot auto soil will grow Apples if Pets is not installed and the Forbidden Fruit auto soil will produce Lifefruit if University Life is not installed.

Additional Credits:
EA and S3PE and S3OC creators and developers.

thezooqueen for testing the Carrot auto soil.