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"Match Things!" Painting Set

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Uploaded: 5th Aug 2011 at 10:58 PM
Updated: 12th Oct 2011 at 4:06 AM
I Have Used that Sunflower Painting about 200 Times Too Many.

I bet you have, too. Why? Because there are only two paintings in the entire game that count as "neutral" - the sunflowers, and the four tiny ones (and I bet you spam the crap out of that one, too.) So, today, I give you a solution. Two paintings with sixteen painting variations. This means a whopping thirty two new paintings for you to prettify your house with! On top of that, you won't have to repeat your pictures at all! If you do, your house is just too big.

The painting options span far across the sims world. Two pictures from every single official world (including Riverview and Barnacle bay!) are sure to keep your sims' homes fresh with inspiration from far away lands! Or, you know...just make them look pretty cool.

Location: Wall Hangings
Price: $200
Channels: 2
Requires: Base game

Changing the Picture
If any of you are wondering how to change the picture that is inside of the frame, it is extremely simple. All you need to do is click on the redesign tool, navigate up the the top left corner, and pick a new default option! Make sure you CASt after this, though, or else you will lose all of your pretty designs. See the pictures for some examples and ideas!

The Struggle and a Half that Was This Project

Once upon a time...Qbuilderz thought that he could handle a rectangle mesh (since everything else is so hard for him to take on.) Unfortunately for him, it turns out he couldn't. In his time of dire need, he called upon his dear friend Armiel, the Finn, to help him. As his world began to fall to pieces, after learning even a box could outwit him, The Finn picked him back up and brushed him off. Unfortunately, this was the beginning of a long and drawn out bitch fest of an ordeal. The next issue arose when the game stoped updating the mesh...completely. Enter the heroic; Morphead, the Supreme Usurper of TSS; Her Royal Foxiness, Daluved1; and Wa-llie the Gouldigger (Dutch) to save the day!
The day was not saved.
Tears, blood, 32 redone pictures, a specular, remap, 32 more pictures, and a complete reinstall later, the meshes were finally showing in Q's game! Glory! It was time to upload! 37 pictures and an animation later, terror struck. There were no shadows on the mesh. From this point in the story, the peanut gallery had gathered - watching from a safe distance to avoid any Q-rage that may unfurl. Arisuka (The OTHER Finn,) Ben (The Northerner with a Southern Accent,) LadyAwesome (The Most Undoubtedly Awesome in the Land,) Twi (-rannisaurus Rex,) and TVRdesgins (Just Tom.) watched from the distance with worried looks and derisive judgement. Yet another remap and texture fix later, the paintings were done! The kingdom was finally at peace!
Now...enjoy my paintings. Four days is way too freaking long for a rectangle and a couple overlays.

There is your story you demanding group of (incredibly helpful and wonderful) people Happy simming!

Polygon Counts:
151 Vertices, 102 Faces (for both)

Additional Credits:
Morphead - Fixing my broken shadow the second time, fixing my mesh when I broke it the second time, testing, picture editing, France pictures.
Daluved1 - Fixing my overlay, picture guidance, fixing my mesh the first time I broke it, testing.
Armiel - Fixing my shadow the first time, guidance, testing, Riverview pictures.
Benc0722 - Barnacle Bay pictures, testing.
Wally - Picture guidance, testing.
LadyAwesome - Moral support
TVRdesigns - Moral support
Missroxor - Moral support
Arisuka - Moral support
Twi - Moral support