10 Maxis "Art Nouveau Wave" Parquet Floor Recolours by Lemniscat

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Uploaded 9th Aug 2011 at 3:23 PM · Updated 10th Aug 2011 at 3:02 PM by Lemniscat

I have been a fan of the Maxis Mahogany Art Nouveau Wave (§ 17) parquet floor in a long, long time. However, I have not really been using it in my game because I felt like this kind of floor was way too dark for my houses and the furniture as well. Therefore, I felt like it was time to do something about it. This, my ladies and gentlemen, is the reason why I can present 10 recolours of this particular flooring to you!

As you can see from the above picture, I have made 10 different recolours named after wood types and chocolate! Forgive me if my wood type knowledge is imperfect :P

The recolours have the same price as the original - §17.

I hope you will appreciate these recolours - I know I do! If you like this download, please do not hesitate to click the thanks button and maybe add it to your favourite downloads.

I also included two pictures of the floor in game paired with furniture. These floors go particularly well with brown-ish furniture in my opinion. Furthermore, you can see a picture of the floors down below, in game as well:

Happy simming!

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