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More Than A Mixer: KitchenAid style stand mixer that functions as a food processor.

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Uploaded: 18th Aug 2011 at 9:46 PM
Updated: 14th Mar 2023 at 9:52 PM

More Than A Mixer

Catalog Description:
Whether you love to cook or just want to make it look like you do a Kitchen Made More Than A Mixer mixer is a must for any well dressed kitchen. Kitchen Made for the way it looks.

Slightly modified mesh by RgdyAnne made functional.

Original object by RgdyAnne @Sims2Artists:
DECORATIVE ONLY! Credits www.archibase.net for free mesh which I changed/adapted for this project.

Catalog Sort:
Appliances/Small - $280

  • Base Game Compatible
  • 24 Colors

There are a few blemishes in the mesh and the stand of the mixer clips into the back splash on the counter a bit. The animations are slightly off as well but unless you're standing over your sims shoulder I don't think any of these issues are noticeable.


The mixer comes with 3 sets of recolors for a total of 24 colors including the white the mesh comes in.

The first set of recolors I did matches the colors EA used in their Kitchen & Bath stuff pack. The second set coordinates with the colors -Maylin- used for her Retro Coffee Maker, which I absolutely love. And the third set of recolors matches the colors RgdyAnne used for her Kitchen Made Kitchen Deco set. It's a great set of deco items so I definitely wanted the functional version of her mixer to still match the rest of the set.

All of the recolors are labeled and individual packaged to make it easy to pick and choose the colors you want.

Recommended Mod:
I highly recommend The SEP (Slot Enable Package) by Numenor if you don't have it yet. In addition to adding more slots to your counters, it will let your sims use objects placed on corner counters where I think this mixer looks best.

Terms of Use
As always, you're free to use anything of mine however you'd like but please be mindful of RgdyAnne's TOU if you want to use the mesh for another project.

Polygon Counts:
Faces: 2843
Vertices: 3046
***This is a high poly item. To put it in perspective, this is roughly double the polys of the EA food processors.***

Additional Credits:
SimPE, Wings3D, Milkshape, GIMP, and MTS of course. Special thanks to RgdyAnne for generously allowing me to use the mesh she modified for her Kichen Made project.