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SuperHeroine Bodystyle UPDATE June'06

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Uploaded: 15th Feb 2005 at 4:25 PM
Updated: 9th Jun 2006 at 3:26 PM - Added Link to Warlokk's Stuff
Greetings everyone.

Below is my first mesh using my new Poser/DAZ magnet technique. (Details Here for Mesh Creators).

I'm calling this Body Shape the "Heroine Shape" and it consists of larger breasts, narrower waist, wider hips, and added musculature (bulk) in the shoulders, biceps, buttocks and thighs.

This current release contains only one mesh - based upon the female swimsuit mesh (basically just a whole body mesh with no extras - a base mesh, which is why I chose to use it).

Also included are two "skins" for the mesh. One is based just your basic sleepwear deal (with a little tweaking by me for fun). It will appear in your undies, sleepwear, and swim categories. The other is based upon Rosco's excellent shiny latex skin. So, of course, make sure you send a big thanks to Rosco (and RGiles who helped Rosco master this technique) if you like these skins.

Over the coming days (and weeks) I'll be taking this Heroine bodyshape and making additional meshes for other types of clothes (dresses, powersuits, general casual wear, gym clothes, etc. etc.). If you like this body shape and would like to make new meshes from other default clothes meshes in the game, you can get my Poser Magset and instructions on how to do this using SimPE, MeshTool, and Poser or the Free DAZ Studio programs.

To try out this new mesh, download the attached rar file and unzip everything to your Downloads directory.

Have fun and lemme know if you discover any issues with this mesh.

A formal dress and Knit Turtleneck Dress Mesh and Skinset - here.
A Shirt and Jeans plus a "Slick Powersuit" Mesh and skinset - here
Warrior, Track Suit, Another Dress - here.

NEW!!! - June, 2006
A very special thanks to Warlokk for creating a much anticipated showerproof nude skin for this bodystyle! You can get it here! (NOTE: You'll need adult access rights at Insiminator.net to get this).