NCI - Monopoly's Boardwalk

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Uploaded: 2nd Sep 2011 at 2:57 PM
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As a fan of the Elizabeth Maggie's popular board game, The Landlord's Game...I mean..."Charles Darrow's" game, "Monopoly" (too bad for Ruth Hoskins and her husband Charles Todd...and for the many other people who created their own monopoly-type game versions), I wanted to create a property for sale.

So NCI presents one version of Monopoly's famous properties...Boardwalk.

The community lot property is built with several rooms, including:
- Bar Room
- Dining Room
- Kitchen
- TV Room
- Arcade Room
- Workshop
- Bowling Room
- Music Room
- Bedrooms
- Hallway Game Room
- Hallway Arts & Library

Along with outdoor property spaces including:
- Several rooftop areas for napping, stargazing, etc.
- Outdoor Grill & Party Space
- Large Swimming Pool, Sauna, & Hot Tub Space
- Lots of garden & tree plantings

And of course, the property's oversized front nameplate and, optional, picture-framed deed card.

This lot can be converted into a residential lot with the right hacks...namely if you can replace the outside phone with a mailbox. Or, it can be left as is.

So, hope y'all enjoy this property. Doesn't quite reach §1,000,000. That'll be reserved for Monopoly hotels, some other time.

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Lot Size: 5x6
Lot Price: §854,710