Seasonal hydrangea bush

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Uploaded 16th Aug 2011 at 6:09 AM · Updated 17th Aug 2011 at 8:53 AM by Gwenke33

I don't know what Maxis/EA were thinking when they gave us flowering temperate zone bushes that kept on flowering all year round and under the snow. It's nonsense.
So here is a larger version of the hydrangea bush from the base game, which changes with the seasons somewhat more realistically. In the winter it is just a stub. In the spring it begins to grow and has smaller flowers. In the summer it is in full bloom and is larger, and in the autumn it has no flowers.
I am also including 8 recolours.

Obviously it will only function like this if Seasons is installed. It can also be used without Seasons, though: in that case only the summer state will appear.

This bush is based on Bienchen's tree template, for which I'm very grateful. I've made quite a few changes, though, so feel free to clone this bush to make your own.

The bush is found in Build/Plants/Shrubs for 86 simoleons. It will satisfy the appropriate want but will not overgrow and does not need pruning.

If you would like to recolour these or any other seasons-compatible plant, please see my notes here.

Polygon Counts:
380-864 faces and 718-2090 vertices, depending on the season

Additional Credits:
Echo for all the information on Seasons-compatible plants.
Numenor for the the AnyGameStarter.

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