HystericalParoxysm's "Wraith" Skintone as Vampire Default *UPDATED- 15 NEW EYE OPTIONS!*

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Uploaded: 21st Aug 2011 at 12:23 AM
Updated: 28th Aug 2011 at 6:42 PM - New Eye Options :D
This will change your vampire skin-overlay from the default light bluish color to a much more detailed and beautiful silver skintone made by HystericalParoxysm. The skintone I used is called "Wraith" and it is part of HP's fantasy set, "Idolatry Beyond." All credit for the lovely skin goes to HP, not me; all I did was turn it into a default.

I have adjusted HP's skintone to make it 40% transparent, so that in game it won't be pure silver. When a sim becomes a vampire, a bit of their old skintone will show though (just like the original Maxis vampire default). This means that the darker your sim was as a human, the darker they will be as a vampire. Pale sims will be almost white as vampires, while dark sims will be light silver, as shown in the picture below. HP's skintones are made to look natural, so they look good on both genders. Oh, and sorry if the pics aren't the best (the lighting and stuff), I'm still new at Sims-photography.

I have provided a a picture of the backs of these skins under screenshots below. I have also uploaded pictures of these sims before they were transformed into vampires and how they would look as the maxis default vampires so that you can compare them. Note that the Maxis skintones are slightly blue, while the new skintones have no blue tint at all. The new tones are also more detailed; plus, dark-skinned vampires don't look weird like they do with the Maxis skin. All of the full-body models are shown as they will appear with no make-up. This will also affect vampire-hybrids, so alien-vampires will be a very pale, silvery green instead of turquoise, while zombie-vampires will be a light slate-grey-ish color rather than the Maxis dark blue.

EDIT (8/27/11): I have added the option to choose which eyes you want your vampire to have by default! All of these eyes are by Vampire_aninyosaloh.

Here is the first group, which contains four different styles of red eyes. Underworld and Satan's Fire are from Nina's set, "A Magic World." Inner beast is from "A Nocturne Sigh". Crimson Coral is from the "Coral Eyes" set. I think all of them look really awesome in game!

The second group is a set from Nina's "Angel and Demon" set. I have made 10 colors from this set available a the defaults. From top to bottom, the lights are yellow, orange, red, purple, and white, and the darks are gold, copper, burgundy, violet, and charcoal (the model is shown with the red). Sorry, the pictures of the different colors were taken in bodyshop, so the lighting's not very good and the pictures are a bit small. There are better pictures on the original eye page.

Finally, I have added a version that lets your vampires keep the eyes they had as humans. Hopefully you will be able to find some eyes that you like, but if for some reason you still want the maxis eyes, they are still available.

To make this your default vampire skin/eyes overlay, all you have to do is choose ONE file and put it in your downloads folder! Make sure you don't have more than one default vampire skin or eyeset installed or they will conflict. I hope you enjoy having this default replacement skin/eye set as much as I have!

Policy: Since none of the content in this upload was created by me, you will have to refer to HystericalParoxysm's and Vampire_aninyosaloh's original uploads for usage information.

Skintone by HystericalParoxysm can be found here.
Eyes by Vampire_aninyosaloh can be found here, here, here, and here.
Default replacement tutorial by ParasiteX can be found here.
Hair on the close-up models by Nouk can be found here, here, and here.
Eye make-up on the the close-up models by dragonmandy and s t i l l x d o l l can be found here and here.
Lips on some of the close-up models by HystericalParoxysm can be found here.
All other content is by Maxis.

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